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Last update 28 days ago :(
Will you continue to keep this site updated? It's great and I really like using this to track my leaderboard scores. It hasn't been updated in a week so I thought I'd ask
what are the modstrings for looking up scores with specific mods?
Ranking board is broken pls fix ;W;
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Fixed ;)
Not working.

Does this with any user I've tried.
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uheh. Fixed
Any word on the state of the website? Seems to have been offline for a few days.
why my stats don't appear?
im unban now please fix this
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Fixed^ you need to wait until next score update cycle for your scores to get correct map positions.

We're doing "global" ban checks on users we have in db once a month, if you're unbanned and wish to see your scores ealier PM me.
Site revamp is coming pretty soon and that's also where you'll be able to fix that yourself(along with other new shiny things).
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Hey, it's update time. has been up for over 7 years, 6 of with(till today!) scores were synchronized everyday(with small exceptions).

It may seem that for past year or two nothing really happened on surface of osustats, and while that is partially true there was a lot "bandaid" work put in the things that aren't really visible(site backend/score bot).
This was mainly caused by not wanting to commit time that me(Piotrekol) or Ezoda would have to spend on adding new features due to how messy and overly complicated the code behind all of osustats really was.

This changes today: both code behind and what you see was for the most part rewriten from scrath, with the intention of it being modular and extensible, so it wouldn't be a hassle to add new things.

To start things off, here is a small list of new features / changed things:
  1. Greatly improved search speed(performance), this will be mostly noticeable for users with high score counts(1k+)
  2. Overhauled score panels & table view for displaying scores
  3. You can now filter players in score ranking by country
  4. Now comes in 2 styles - dark and light
  5. Navigation on whole site is now actually working

What do we plan on adding short-term, in no particular order:
  1. Beatmap listing for each beatmap
  2. Listing for top 10(?) pp scores in the past day/week/month (at start only for scores in top100 of map rankings, later based on top ~2k player top scores)
  3. Mania 1mln score count ranking
  4. Your idea here

Long term:
  1. Exporting search results as osu collection with you'll be able to import to your osu using slightly modified version of (one-click import)
  2. Ability to export/create/share collections on site
  3. Searching on all mode scores

As a side note, while storage won't be a problem for a good while yet, in the future we may need to change what scores we decide to store, because of ever increasing beatmap amount and osu! player base:
this and other data will become avaliable on osustats soon

Site got rewritten. Faster searches for big bois. 2 site styles. Country score rankings. It is now easier and faster for us to add new stuff.
Is this just dead now? According to, its been down for more than a week now. When can we expect it to come back?
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You mean 3 days, not a week. I'll poke Ezoda some more to get it back up

back up
Hi, I really like OsuStats and often take a look. Today I reached 740 milions scores but only 733 are showing. I know that milions over rank 100 are not counting, here my seven missed scores:

- Silver Forest - Marisa Spark (easy) Beatmap by Alice Margatroid rank 187
- Dendei - gabe power (Cheesecake's easy) Beatmap by HighTec rank 187
- Jinjin - pi (4k beginner) Beatmap by Jinjin rank 298
- Krfawy - Kac (TV Size) (Beginner) Beatmap by Krfawy rank 131
- Krfawy - Kac (TV Size) (Easy) Beatmap by Krfawy rank 60
- Yu Lin Xian - Sonh of Cao Ni Ma (Easy) Beatmap by popner rank 7
- Eguchi Takahiro - silver temple (vivicat's Easy) Beatmap by LKs rank 3

There are three songs that are missing and it's the easy difficulty, because the other difficulties of the same song are showing correctly.

Thank you and keep up the good work.
Missing Maps
- Woey's #1 on Nanahira - Shinchoku Doudesu ka? [Extra]
- Woey's #1 on Culprate - Acid Rain [Aspire]
- Cookiezi's #1 on nao - Toaru Shoukoku no Ohimesama [Princess Love Life]
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reported on osu-api repo ( ) and fixed on osustats side, I'll fix missing aspire maps sometime soon(there are 3 in total that are missing).

scores for these maps(and another 104 loved ones that apparently were missing) should appear in next 24h
Hi, I cant get an apikey on osustats
Newt x3
Does osustats have an API?
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