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- Marco -
Ok so, i use IIDX MANIA 1.0 skin as my osu!mania skin. Due to recent skinning changes the background is now trasparent instead of black and the notes are smaller

How can i switch t the old (good) one?

These lines would be the ones to look out for.
ColumnWidth: 50,50,50,50,50,50,50

Colour#: x,x,x,255 (# is for the specific lane)
ColumnWidth seems to be changed to real pixel width.

Colours are in RGBA where A controls the transparency of a lane. 0 is transparent and 255 is solid.

EDIT: about the notes, seems something is broken as I only see small lines. nvm after restarting worked fine again.

How do you make the follow point look like a line? Would you just make a lined shape follow point, or is this the animated follow point? If so then how would you go about in making it?
For test i am using



but i get this

I am using the effect filename wrong ?

i used this page for reference
the file name is correct and I assume you already play in HD.

volume-bg-effect is not an overlay to show the volume level, it is the background when you change the volume level of sound effects manually like you would adjust the normal volume during or between plays.
This can be done by holding down the "Alt"-button while changing the volume with the mousewheel or arrowkeys. This is where volume-bg-effect shows up.
AH! xD i see it now ~
- Milhofo -

a1l2d3r4e5d6 wrote:

How do you make the follow point look like a line? Would you just make a lined shape follow point, or is this the animated follow point? If so then how would you go about in making it?
You have several followpoint image files, from 0 to 9 (I think), the length of the followpoint is determined by the number of those files that are not blank (the 5th file is the center of the "followline"). Just get a skin that has line followpoints and see for yourself how they should look like. The file name should be "followpoint-x.png", replace x by a number.
Ah I see... thank you for the help. :)
hello! i'm making a taiko skin but i encountered a problem, approach circle on standart and taiko mode aren't diferent files, on taiko mode it looks just fine, but in standart mode it looks so weird lol. i want standart to be different :( is there any way to fix it? thanks

You can make a skin for taiko only and have this approachcircle there. Just make a folder named "taiko" put your taiko elements there and go to the options ingame. go to the skin section there and enable "use taiko skin for taiko mode". Everytime you play taiko this taiko skin will automatically be used, regardless of your skin. On your skin for standard you will use another approachcircle of course.
got it, thank you very much :)
Firis Mistlud
I actually don't know does the picture that used for skins are R-15 or R-18
ok guys, this page is now updated.
HUGE thanks to smoogipooo for providing me with a template skin.ini with most of the //comments already attached :3
little problem with spinner
hey everyone,

Since the new Osu, i've been having problems with my CtB skin. the "Character" won't change.
It's named:
- fruit-catcher-fail.png,
- fruit-catcher-fail@2x.png,
- fruit-catcher-idle.png,
- fruit-catcher-idle@2x.png,
- fruit-catcher-kiai.png
- fruit-catcher-kiai@2x.png

these were working on the old Osu! but now i have the one from the original osu! skin.
any ideas?

thx alot ;)
Change the Version in the skin.ini to
Version: 2.3
Hotaru Ahomiya
This is happening with the new update. How can I fix?
Version: 2.4
Try this. If fails, edit manually
is score-comma.png used anywhere in the game?

Telerator wrote:

is score-comma.png used anywhere in the game?
score-comma.png can be used for accuracy if the decimal point comma (,) is used for specific languages. score-dot.png will be used otherwise.
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