Progress slowed due to tablet area?

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I literally just noticed that my tablet area is a lot smaller than others. Mine is about .75 inches by .4inches . I've always wondered why my aim is so disgustingly bad (worse than my acc if you can scale them). Is it because my tablet area is too small? Do you guys recommend i increase it? My current hand position is like a rock on the tabler so i only move my fingers wrist movement
Yes recommended to increase it. Your acc is low maybe because your tapping is off too.
I use a rly small area too. If u feel uncomfortable moving your wrist like I do. Try to change your resolution u play on. I used to play on 1280x800 and now I am on 1400x1050 and I got more consistent while I can keep my grip as it is.

Domo3311 wrote:

(worse than my acc if you can scale them)
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