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Hey guys,

So I've been playing for quite a while now, and I've never been able to stream anything higher than 160BPM. For 160 - 200 Past the fifth note or so, my fingers slow down completely. For 200+ I can only do three notes then its all 50s and misses from there.

I've tried stream practice maps quite a bit, and I've noticed very slight improvement, but I was wondering if anyone had some specific tips. What speed can everyone else stream at? Will I get faster eventually?
170 for 20-30s

~Just play this freaking game.
just increase the bpm slowly until you get comfortable and then proceed to higher bpms
You should feel privileged to stream ≤160. That would make you proficient at low bpm stream maps if you keep working on your stream skill.
Just play maps with a lot of streams and higher Bpm. You should also look what kind of stream you play. like spaced streams or streams who change distance while streaming. Your going to be able to read those streams better and won't use too much force on the streams.

Btw. Just play. Improving will appear suddenly.
Took me a few months to be at least stable at medium 160-200bpm streams, but I still don't have stamina nor aim to accomplish longer streams. I reckon it would even take me more than a year to achieve such.

Just literally play more. Even if it frustrates you, play more.
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