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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 5:25:12 AM

Artist: Cant Stop Wont Stop (feat. Fresh Big Mouf)
Title: Mighty & High
BPM: 118.02
Filesize: 5453kb
Play Time: 03:35
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.7 stars, 146 notes)
  2. Normal (2.35 stars, 146 notes)

Download: Cant Stop Wont Stop (feat. Fresh Big Mouf) - Mighty & High
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Mapped by : Sindricus ~ 1st Beatmap
Thanks too Articwoof and Sleepteiner for the help!
Easy : 90% Done (Revision/NEED MODS)
Normal : 80% Done (Revision/ NEED MODS)
In-game partial mod.

22:37 Sindricus: IM making normal now.
22:37 Sindricus: Tell me if you notice a problem :P:
22:38 Sleepteiner: I'll play it in a sec
22:38 Sindricus: kk
22:38 Sindricus: Thank you :D
22:45 Sleepteiner: The map is actually pretty fun! There are some interesting patterns and most of it fits the music very well. This is probably better than I could do, haha. Despite that though, you'll probably have to work on this for a little while before it is rankable. I can't give a full mod, since I have to leave soon, but I'll say a few things.
22:47 Sleepteiner: The offset might be a little bit late, although, I'm not experienced enough in that to be sure.
22:48 Sleepteiner: 00:24:164 (1,2,3,4) - seems a little strange of a pattern to start with. The beats seem to be equal in strength, so the circles should probably be spaces close to equally in a easy map.
22:50 Sleepteiner: 00:26:705 (5) - seems to end a strange time.
22:50 Sleepteiner: Maybe extend it somehow to before the start of the next circle
22:51 Sleepteiner: 00:29:247 (3,4,5,6) - equal spacing, maybe?
22:52 Sleepteiner: 00:31:281 (1,2,3) - Kinda hard to read the last note because it is equally spaced even though it is earlier.
22:54 Sleepteiner: 00:33:569 (1) - Move to "Gold" and maybe add another circle like that for krypton"ITE"
22:55 Sindricus: (Fixed all of the above, but what do you mean move to gold?)
22:56 Sleepteiner: By "gold" I mean the previous white tick. Like, the guy saying "gold" in the song. For kryptonite, that would be two white ticks later.
22:56 Sindricus: Oh okay.
22:57 Sleepteiner: Remember, these are just suggestions though. If you want something different, that is great as well. :D
22:57 Sindricus: No, these are good suggestions for sure
22:57 Sindricus: Now that im looking at them i see that i should've fixed them before XD
22:57 Sleepteiner: I think maybe stacking the "gold" circle onto the kryptonite circle feels nice.
23:02 Sleepteiner: 00:36:365 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - are cool, but the uneven-ness is kinda strange. Maybe something like http://puu.sh/rZjgR/8c2def1949.jpg would work better.
23:04 Sindricus: Yea, i like that.
23:04 Sindricus: Makes it seem more dynamic.
23:04 Sleepteiner: 00:40:813 (10) - is a great slider. Moving it to the white tick with the trumpet would feel better.
23:05 Sleepteiner: I think, at least
23:05 Sindricus: Yea, i fixed that during this session already XD
23:05 Sleepteiner: Ahh, sorry lol
23:05 Sindricus: It started late and ended early
23:05 Sleepteiner: Yea :P
23:06 Sindricus: Also, doing the whole thing where it shows me the exact notes
23:06 Sindricus: I didnt even know you could do that.
23:06 Sleepteiner: Like, the ticks on the top?
23:07 Sindricus: No
23:07 Sindricus: Where you type in chat
23:07 Sindricus: Time(notes)
23:07 Sindricus: and then i click it and it shows me the notes.
23:08 Sleepteiner: Oh, yea. Just select the notes in the editor and copy and paste them into chat. Super useful.
23:09 Sleepteiner: 00:45:007 (5) - ends a little early? You might have caught that already though.
23:10 Sindricus: Nah i didnt
23:10 Sindricus: Thanks :P
23:14 Sleepteiner: 00:47:041 (6,7,1,2,3,4) - I like the spacing on the loud beats. It kinda makes a strange shape though. Maybe something like http://puu.sh/rZjCT/8bb4abbd01.jpg with correct spacing. (Completely subjective~!)
23:15 Sindricus: Subjective, yes. But i trust you enough, i mean. You have 10k SS's (Majority from Easy songs)
23:15 Sindricus: You know how they work better than most if you ask me.
23:18 Sleepteiner: Maybe, but my view of mapping is 100% based on feeling rather than actual mapping. So my views might clash with some other people.
23:18 Sindricus: Ehh, i also don't trust the other people :P
23:19 Sleepteiner: Haha, alright, sounds good. I'll do my best to offer my perspective.
23:19 Sindricus: Always appreciated :P
23:23 Sleepteiner: 00:49:583 (4) - The repeating slider fits very well. It might be too long though (?). http://puu.sh/rZk0k/a3ce1a925d.jpg This felt nice too me.
23:24 Sleepteiner: Doesn't have to look exactly like that though
23:25 Sleepteiner: Actually, I think the horizontal repeating slider should be higher. Like around the middle of the play field line.
23:26 Sindricus: Holy shat, that looks way better
23:26 Sindricus: Thanks XD
23:26 Sleepteiner: 00:56:700 (5) - end on red tick. where "mint" is
23:27 Sindricus: Fixed :D
23:37 Sleepteiner: 00:57:717 (6,7,8) - I don't really know what these circles are representing. Maybe http://puu.sh/rZkou/aa85cf15e5.jpg if you want vocals. (but with more equal spacing.) If you wanted to represent the the piano, then extending the spinner instead of those three notes don't feel too bad.
23:49 Sleepteiner: Did you just update the map? Or, am I just really tired.
23:50 Sindricus: I did
23:50 Sindricus: XD
23:50 Sindricus: If you're tired you should get some sleep
23:50 Sindricus: You've been helping me out for over an hour almost.
23:51 Sleepteiner: I'm going to after this little suggestion. I'm actually really enjoying this, haha.
23:51 Sindricus: Good, im glad XD
23:51 Sindricus: I mentioned your name in the update :P
23:59 Sleepteiner: 01:02:801 (1,2,3,1) - These sliders are kinda inconsistant when it comes to starting and ending emphasis. These changes just feel nice to me. Silder 1: start on "cloud" end on "nine" http://puu.sh/rZkNb/ab47a1aa63.png . Slider 2: start on the start of the secondary vocals end on the end of those vocals http://puu.sh/rZkQ2/8eb93bbcba.png . Slider 3: same start as last slider; end on overwhelming main vocals http://puu.sh/rZkQZ/6f9a2d7a0e.png .
23:59 Sleepteiner: Was that message too long for the osu chat?
00:00 Sindricus: Nah
00:01 Sleepteiner: Cool. One more thing. Slider 4: same start and end, but I think a repeating slider would feel closer to how the song sounds. http://puu.sh/rZkRt/f0cd50a395.png
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