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Oh hey o/

  1. Perhaps that offset feels a tad early. Try adding +14 to the offset? (I got 1,506)


This diff has a different offset to the rest (sounds early to me, check the timing I posted above ~), so you'll want to change the offset for that to the same as the other difficulties.

Also, this has 1.5secs of lead-in, while the other difficulties have no lead-in. It's no big deal, but since they all start at the same spot, setting the lead-in the same for all difficulties makes sense.

The map itself is very nice though. Harder than what I would say was an easy, but I'm picky with that, it's nicely made, and fun to play. Always great to see that in an easy difficulty. Nice work :)


Personally I'd say this was more like a mild-hard rather than a normal, even if they stars are under 3. I dunno, the streams of those 1/1 notes and the size of some of those spinners don't feel like a normal to me. It's nice, so changing it isn't a priority, even if it's a tough normal.

As for the map, Not much to rag on, really. It stays on 1/2 and 1/1 though, and misses some nice little melodies that could have fitted in well, but it breaks up these parts so it's still fun. Just feels a little odd sometimes.

And just my opinion, but I think that the short-ish spinners (a.k.a every spinner apart from the last one), might work better if they were mapped with something else. they feel jarring and out-of-place to me. No big deal, and they are playable as they are, but that's just me :P


On the whole, I quite liked this difficulty. It mapped to the melodies quite nicely and suits the song too.

Could you turn the Stacking leniency up? With stacking leniency right down it is unrankable. Move it up by 2 or 3 notches?

The main thing in this that irked me was some of the copy/paste jumps. symmetrical parts with huuuge jumps for little reason. with the rest of the map being the way it is, very little in the way of jumps, these feel so odd to me. Perhaps you could restructure them?

00:13:844 (4,1) -
01:32:903 (4,1) -
01:35:727 (4,1) -
01:40:315 (1,2,3,4) - (these not so much, but are still pretty darn harsh)

00:59:197 (4,1) - Maybe stack these? or move (4) so the spacing between these are even? I dunno, but this looks rather ugly I think, and perhaps even a bit confusing for those who don't know the song. could be a quick double.
01:04:844 (4,1) - ^


That stream, oh god. It's pretty hectic, and perhaps you placed down a few too many triplets every so often, it's still fun, and suits the pace of the song quite well, so I can excuse the jumps and the streams.

02:00:080 (lotsofnotes) - but still, even though it's a guitar solo, is there any way you can have at least a tiny gap in this stream to readjust the hand? a solid 21 second stream with the odd slider is Insane. Your call though, that's just my opinion.

Apart from that, it's okay. the jumps and the pace suit the hectic pace of the song so I see how they fit in.


As for that long stream, I'll say pretty much what I said for the stream in Insane. Is there any way you could break that stream up? Wether it be a small gap, or some other slow pattern to break it up? a 21 second solid stream is crazyness. That said, I do see what you were doing there, with a familiar pattern. 21 second stream is still a very very long stream.

(And I apologize for any possible grammar or spelling mistakes, or other silly mistakes. Kinda tired when I written this so it might be a bit rough :()
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Fixed timing and my diffs, made some kinda gap between the stream in insane and made some spinners longer on normal.
lolcubes fixed his easy diff, waiting for lkp now

Thanks for the mod Dooms~
I Cut the stream into pieces!
And I think my taiko diff is good now, this should be it.
Renamed my diff btw, because of several complaints that some can't see how hard it is :/
Now go and bubble it ^^

Download: Kokuyasou - UroboroS-Infinity (Kite) [Dunskin's Taiko Oni].osu
Just a small thing: you still haven't added me to tags. :D
Someone else would probably point that out anyway. :p
Okay, time for me.

Taiko Mod

Sample volumen: 70% - 100% is too much and overlaps the song.

Hit Circles:
The song contains 1/6, but you used 1/4. Should be fine.

00:09:976(stream) - Not bad idea but takes much more attention to the player as to the part after, altough the part 12:800 should have this attention, so what do you think about getting more and more notes instead of the stream?
kddd kdx d d k x kdx d d kkddkkdkd x = space (maybe "kdd 1/4" instead of "kddd 1/6" because you never used it in the map)

00:24:005(101) - delete?
00:24:095(102) - don
00:33:888(x) - add don (it sounds weird without, and you've done that in every other section too.)
00:35:288(73) - don
00:45:270(stream) - I think this stream dosen't fit to the music, try this one:
kkkkddkkddkkdkd K ddk or kkkkddkkddkkdkd K xxx d

00:47:388~00:57:094 - to muuuuuch Big don. reduct it.
00:56:211(43) - K
00:57:976~1:20:564 - kiai timmmmmme
00:57:976~1:09:270 - blue section is so messy... orz
01:28:947(72) - delete
02:00:094~02:11:211 - make the red section little bit easier(tripplets to doubblets) as the blue one. It reduct the copy and past part and makes the second section(blue) more interesting.
2:00:094~2:22:682 - Kiai time maybe?
02:28:153(19) - don
02:33:270(end) - kdkdk k D

Taiko_BG, yes, I miss it. So I will give you once again a Taiko BG which fits to the music. @Kite, i hope you accept it too.

Well that's it. I will give you allready a star, good luck!

Implented plenty of things :)
Overworked Big Don patterns, made the last stream section more interesting and added Kiai Times.
Nice work Ono!

Download: Kokuyasou - UroboroS-Infinity (Kite) [Dunskin's Taiko Oni].osu
Things look in order now. Still one thing though. You'll need to turn the stack leniency up on P's Hard, since such a low stacking leniency is unrankable. 0.2 is the minimum.

And also, while I'm here, I wanna elaborate on my point about the jumps in P's Hard. if the jumps wanna stay, it's okay, but I guess I should probably elaborate a bit. I was being a bit vague last time (Yeah, they still irk me a bit :P) these 3 mainly

01:32:903 (4,1)
01:35:727 (4,1)
01:40:315 (1,2,3,4)

I was thinking about how 2 copy-pastes sections ends up in a gaping gorge of a jump between the 2 sections, like between (4) and (1). it feels kinda sloppy since it's just 2 sections flipped towards each other. Either way though, it's your call. If you turn that stack leniency up, I'll come back and rebubble ~
Phew, just in time ^^
A little Taiko Update again :/

Download: Kokuyasou - UroboroS-Infinity (Kite) [Dunskin's Taiko Oni].osu
Everything looks in order now

-I know it is the star ratings fault but it really doesn't look good to me to have an Insane with a 15+ million score then a Hard with 6 mil score after it. Seeing as they are only .01 apart you might be able to fix that to make it look better
-Not the best score spread but I guess not much can be done about that just because how all of the guest difficulties are mapped
-Make sure all of the kiai time is snapped correctly

lolcubes's Easy:
-Needs a 1.5 audio lead-in time like the other difficulties or else it starts too quickly
00:28:329 (1) - remove new combo
00:36:094 (2,3) - sounds kind of odd on 1/6 to me
01:38:917 (1) - remove new combo

P's Hard:
01:02:035 (4,6) - stack these?
01:38:917 (1,3) - ^ (some other minor stacking things could be fixed too but they look ok)
01:50:564 (2,4) - the repeat is partially hidden by the previous hitburst, try and move the pattern around slightly more

-Crazy stream but everything else looks good

Let me know when fixes are done and I should be able to rank~
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Ah, thanks :3
Everything is fixed.
A couple of more fixes for consistency. (also fixed a missing whistle, no idea if that's new or old but yeah... o.o)
Thanks for handling most of the fixes as I am currently unavailable most of the time, luckily the internet was avaialble today for me to check. :3

Download: Kokuyasou - UroboroS-Infinity (Kite) [lolcubes's Easy].osu
Since James hasn't responded in quite a while, I'll take the liberty of rebubbling (not gonna rank due to me not being James, and well, it's been 2 weeks).

Rechecked it over to make sure things are in order, and they are. Rebubbled!
Looks like everything I mentioned is fixed anyway

All checks out nicely
Glückwunsch und danke für die gute Zusammenarbeit :3
Off to do some finger training now...
Nice beatmap :)

That is all
wow :)
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