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bg is so squished compared to original image, poor aya :((((

how about using this version instead https://puu.sh/yMwMg/8df80d42ff.jpg
original: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php ... d=31067277
almost forget

Cocoaaa wrote:

papa,you want to get ranked with low number of mod again?? demm
[UUUUra Oni]00:51:860 and 00:52:010 you should delete it I can't hear sound.you can make sure by delete it and listen again i follow of da guitar flows
01:05:735 add d and 01:05:960 to make it's not boring already did smth from sir frukos suggestion
01:51:860 same as 00:51:860 flows.. and ok i know the one similar other part I did empty spot like this but thats just differnt for weak flows zz
02:05:810 :)-> 01:05:735 okok
05:01:535 how about my pattern? and in empty match I'm still can hear drum sound.it's long ice cream somebody icecream!!!
no.. thats hell thingy, i need mini rest by emphasis some stronk tom drums..
I love long scream I don't say "good luck with rank" I think you are always can rank map= = wat de dem :"V kwqkkqe

frukoyurdakul wrote:

Good stuff.

Offset should be 28. (-7ms)

[Ura Oni]
  1. On the beginning, you know how to piss of HR players don't you :v even I got surprised when playing it lol wqkdkwqokd DUNG DUNG
  2. 01:04:828 - Starting from here I expected a stream because of the drums, but even though you don't put one, kkd kkd kkd is really repetitive here. Try using some kind of kdk on these like kkd kdk kkd kdk or something. They will fit better if you don't agree on the stream. This applies on every occurence, mainly on the kiai by the way. variation <3
  3. 01:16:828 - End the kiai here maybe. Your choice though. Also, 01:16:903 (1) - I think spinner should be on the red tick because with the finisher it overlaps a bit which doesn't look good to me. Don't forget to adjust the length if you accept. okok redtick, keep da end of kiai. wanted to end it when alter the part of song
  4. 01:37:378 - This spot looks good for a spinner I think. Guitar goes a bit random, so the spinner will support this randomness. hmm let it blank, previous spinner intended for long flows, so in here I wanted just blank haeuhe
  5. 02:15:403 (214,215) - You can swap these to follow the snare on 214 with kat. 02:15:253 (212,213,214,215) - changed as kkkk to emphasis all snare like 02:15:703 - from here
  6. 02:48:028 (1) - I prefer slider here for a reason: Spinner plays random, but slider plays in 1/4 and if you change it the notes will also align the drums and support the long guitar sound. Changing it might be nice. changed into slider
  7. 03:04:603 (191,192) - These can be swapped to support guitar more. REAL TASTE <3
  8. 03:06:028 - I think you can increase the SV to 2.00x here to adapt players to fast scroll speed like you put 1.5x on 03:13:228 - this spot. to make ppl not shockd ok XD
  9. After I see 02:14:428 - this stream, you can change this pattern to something like this:

    (timestamp at 04:52:228 - ) more accurate <3
  10. 05:11:878 (709) - Guitar pitch is slightly changing compared to those you put kkkddd on them, so changing it to don will help to keep following it and it'll also end the stream with different color. done

Overall, this is probably the best demetori map I've ever played. Good job! <3 hueeee
Lasse aheuheauae demm, thanks for quality bg. rip previous ayaya thicc <3
You go girl, run like the wind.

Additional small changes:
  1. 03:04:678 - This is changed to kat.
  2. 03:44:578 - Changed the SV to a slowdown version instead of a sudden speed-up.
╭( ・ㅂ・)و
^ needs quick fix on metadata, because the exact title is 風神少女 and the romanization of it is Fuujin Shoujo according to neonat.
done, zz ja🅱an.. blame win good grill
i love bug system of sp, not pp..
slow down changed here 02:16:678 (230,231) -

and added wind god girl as tag

krkr grill
aheuaehauehauehu sick nein namber lucky aniky
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