Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS - Want You Gone

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Download: Jonathan Coulton - Want You Gone (SapphireGhost) [Ozzy's Portaikol].osu
Changed stuff.

- Made it so notes scroll at 1.5 speed for more legibility. (don' suggest slider speed)
- Added a haxxed x10 spinner at that one part. (don't open the editor on it)


OzzyOzrock wrote:

don't open the editor on it

Derekku wrote:

OzzyOzrock wrote:

don't open the editor on it
It resets it to x2.

And well, that's not THAT horrible, in fact it's easily fixed but... gah. Lol. Saves time I guess.
Haxing the .osu to achieve a speed multiplier >2.0 is unrankable. xp

Derekku wrote:

Haxing the .osu to achieve a speed multiplier >2.0 is unrankable. xp

I would understand completely if you meant standard, I mean, holy crap, but... orz

Download: Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS - Want You Gone (SapphireGhost) [Ozzy's Portaikol].osu
nya~ ;_;
Nyan~ Must do - - Suggestion

For ozzy's Taiko map.

00:23:290 - Delete
00:23:590 - Delete (maybe just make those two a spinner~)
00:32:590 - No finishers in 1/4. (Yeah it's low BPM but, still 1/4 >_>)
00:39:790 - Delete
00:40:090 - Delete (make those notes, spinner would be weird there.)
00:59:140 - Remove Finish
00:59:590 - ^
01:04:840 - ^

01:55:240 - Add finish
01:55:540 - ^

Make sure the Hit-sound volume is at Normal and 100%
Set HP drain to 7-8

Everything else is fine, just over-mapped, but there has to be one harder then my easy one xD.

NoHItter wrote:

Anyone else think that this song is in 1/6?
I think it actually might be... Cause 1/3 was terrible.

Anyway, I accidentally mapped Bass's part and did the mapping in 1/4.

Download: Jonathan Coulton - Want You Gone (SapphireGhost) [Collab Potato].osu

Derekku wrote:

Haxing the .osu to achieve a speed multiplier >2.0 is unrankable. xp
Though I think it would be better to see pippy-don waving her arm twice faster suddenly.
Currently there's no concerd standard about this, but Namco's authentic map has maximum x6. (And some of them is ranked even in here. Some used haxing, some used doulbled BPM, but as I said, doubled BPM makes pippy-don twice faster and barlines appearing twice more, so we end up using haxing to correct barlines.) Taiko mappers here don't usually use over x2 cause they need to hax .osu, cause we don't need that usually and no one yet confirmed whether this is allowed or not as I know.

...but x10 is too much lol

EDIT: Forgot to mention this: notes will blinkning twice faster in kiai time. That's the most annoying thing, to be honest.
Done with my part~

BTW, the end has a big jump (maybe SB to indicate a Portal jump?)

Download: Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS - Want You Gone (SapphireGhost) [Emdyion's Part].osu
Star :D
Do you want a video for this? I tried to map this but gave up :S
Here it is on the off chance that you would want it
Want You Gone is ranked now D:
I already spoke to Sapphire, but I'd like to mention that I plan on finishing my part within the next few days.

Then, I'll get started on the storyboard! :b

Oh hey this is finished

The ranked map has an offset of 2460, you should probably use that (60 is okay too)

AR +1 or +2
00:05:160 - I don't think having the first note on the red tick is a good idea, especially on an Easy.
Cute :3

Emdyion's Normal
01:29:160 - You should remove this slider.
02:11:910 - This spinner should start on the next white tick.
Seems tough for a normal, but it's a good difficulty.

00:40:860 - Break should start here
00:48:660 - Glados is 1/4 earlier than this. Either way, I wouldn't recommend mapping to her voice on this part.
01:21:660 - Break should start here
01:33:360 - This isn't really mapped to anything. Glados' voice is offbeat here.
02:11:460 - Remove new combo
A good difficulty, though it's strange that it has the same slider velocity as the collab.

Collab Potato

00:05:760 - This is better off ending on the blue tick
00:08:860 - This is pretty much unreadable and an unexpected 1/3.

Nice one!

You're trying to map to the lyrics far too much - it's causing most of your part to be offbeat. You should never need to use 1/3.
It would take a while to point out the mistakes, go through it and listen closely.

01:14:385 - I like this 1/8 stream and all but it is overmapped. Remove this hitcircle.
01:22:110 - This isn't mapped to anything, her voice doesn't hit here.

01:28:410 - I don't like how you mapped to her voice going 't', this isn't intuitive to the player.
01:31:710 - This isn't mapped to anything.
01:37:110 (5,6) - Bad spacing
01:38:460 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - This whole combo is pretty much bad spacing
01:40:860 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - This is by far the BEST part of your part. It's readable, intuitive, and epic
01:44:910 - Remove new combo

01:49:710 - Putting this on the blue tick might be a bad idea. It's your call though.

02:11:760 - Remove new combo

A nice collab with a few major problems

Ozzy's Portaikol
The insanely hard parts seem random and out of place.
You could use more finishes :O
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