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Heya, NM request
I'm not sure if this is right, its kinda confusing but here: Holiday 575

hello, nm rqs pls
loli 808, lol i don't understand even with reading the rules i"m bad
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Sotarks wrote:

hello, nm rqs pls
loli 808, lol i don't understand even with reading the rules i"m bad
Yeah, it's mostly just to serve as an efficient way for weeding out the people who copy paste codeword from other people's posts so I'm being a bit lenient as I refine the system.

For clarification the last correct codeword was by kayiedee so any further posts should take that into account.

I'll edit this post when I get home tomorrow to reflect changes in regards to the 3 posts above this (ignoring nostalgic's request because it looks like he just copied from someone on the first page).

Quick aside:
@Halfslashed - mod received, will respond and post mod for your map soon. Response done, will have mod done later this week

EDIT (update):
@Arusamour - Pending M4M ~ giving you the benefit of the doubt on at least skimming over the rules and just misunderstanding how the codeword thing works. I have an interview next tuesday I need to prep for a bit so I want to avoid overburdening myself with any additional mods this week but I will likely accept this with next week's update so check back like a week from now.
@Kayiedee - Pending NM ~ added to backlog
@Sotarks - Pending NM ~ I'm not sure where you got 808 but it wasn't from someone else's post so w/e I'll take your word for it. If this gets bubbled before I have a chance to accept let me know if you still want the mod (I'll assume not otherwise).

I'll address any posts that came after this one probably next Tuesday when I'm making my updates for the next round.
Tbh such a rule for a modding queue that's not even a BN, is a bit too much tbh.
Hi there !

I'll try for a NM request :

Title : Burnt Rice
Artist : Shawn Wasabi
Music : Electro
Length : 1:53
BPM : 160

Since kayiedee was correct I guess I'm on Holidays 249 :)
Chihara Minori

Sotarks wrote:

Tbh such a rule for a modding queue that's not even a BN, is a bit too much tbh.
You like writing, try to write novel will be great idea imo
NM request:

I guess Holidays 532 shoud be correct

Edit: I totally didnt remember that the correct number was on the trello board so if I go after Dammonds number its 336, my bad it's really confusing.

Thanks :)
Hiya! o/

I would like to try and get a NM for my map, Harmony of Hardcore by Party Raiser : t/468638
It is a hardcore electronic song that is 7 minutes long, I'm sorry if it's long but I really need feedback and a lot of people don't really mind to help "marathon" maps.

The mapping itself is done and I'm just looking for mods
The hitsounding on the other hand... Please don't yell at me :(

-Kicks :)
Hello ! (=^-^=)/ still open right ?

NM request Please ! Full mod if u can, but its okay if dont want too , i totally understand ^^
here u go :

Thats all i can say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)
NM request
Just a single diff atm
Holidays 641 (according to Greedy_Panda)
Where the hell did Warpyc found 532? I think that's incorrect, or I am blind

edit: this map(-set) is always up for serious and honest opinions (especially top diff). So, even if you're reading this after few centuries, I'm still interested in xD :)
NM Request :3
Holidays 336 (according to whoever above me xD)
NM request|

For app
NM req! Guess im at holidays 688
Thank you!
M4M request, lolis 227???

My map: DragonForce - Storming The Burning Fields

Will mod one of yours in day or two after your answer
Nm req :)

Artist: CircusP
Song Title: Circus Monster
Length: 01:46
Genre: Dunno ;-;

Holidays 720 (I hope this was the right one...)
Holidays 976.
rock time

number system seems to have confused posters.. gonna go with Holidays - 773
hopefully im right
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I apologize to anyone whose mod requests I accepted but haven't gotten to. Unfortunately I am going to have to close down my queue at least until I graduate in May. My EECS major design course (game design) happens to have more of a workload than all my classes combined from last semester so I just don't have the time/motivation to commit to additional work beyond research/classes at the moment.

As for the NM requests I accepted earlier this month, between my interview at the beginning of the month (I got the job btw), and the workload in my game design class ramping up from day 1 (usually first couple weeks of classes have very little work), I had more RL commitments than I originally expected when I chose to reopen my queue.

If you catch me streaming ( osu! anytime I'm always open to playtests/informal modding there as it's usually much easier to give some quick informative feedback that way than in a formal mod post (for perspective these usually took me 1-3hrs depending on map).

The good news is I get to be a NEET for 6 weeks post graduation so I may decide to reopen this queue during that time. The couple of times I've opened this queue have been good trial runs and I will probably be adjusting rules etc. based on what I've learned about my ability to mod maps in a timely matter etc. I think overall the codeword system works decently but could probably be improved on my end.

Anyways, until May mid February (forced to do something new for final project) I will be dedicating most of my time to designing/prototyping/developing a VSRH (Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Hell). ~

Update (2/27): Not going to reopen for spring break. Projects due just after spring break is always a fun idea right? :?:?:?:?:?
Update (4/23): Graduation secured ~ deciding not to reopen queue as I'd rather just look at maps on stream than do formal mod posts which take a lot of additional effort beyond merely identifying potential issues. Final game project turned out pretty cool even though it wasn't a rhythm game:
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