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I've been playing Osu! for a month straight now and i'm currently trying to transition to 4*/5* maps. What i've noticed is that almost every map will have a stream or a BIG stack of circles at some point or another. I've read that it's recommended to use both fingers for them (stacks, streams), but my problem is that i can't get used to alternating between my fingers. So i'm wondering if anyone can advice me on how to get used to the alternation or if there are specific maps that could help me get better at it.

Just for reference, I play Mouse+Keyboard.
You'll probably get a better response in Gameplay & Ranking, since Help is kind of like troubleshooting as opposed to gameplay advice. But I think it's largely easier to read through the previous threads, especially ones that ask similar problems to yours.

Overall, I'd suggest to try out slower BPM songs and focus on accuracy. At your stage, you'd want to start becoming really accurate and trying to full combo Hards to Insanes. So for maps that are around the level of 3.8* - 4.3*, try your best to not only full combo but perfect and get as high of an accuracy that you can on them. You're free to play the harder stuff, of course, but I think honing on the fundamentals and making sure that you can read and tap at a consistent rhythm is important too.
Thank you for the response. I'll go try out what you suggested.
It's also a good idea to play some stream practice maps. Just search for "stream" when looking for maps (try looking in category "Graveyard")
I also got recommended once that you should not press the two buttons like a maniac. You should "Chill" and press them just like if you were typing which also helps to make your fingers less tired.
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