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Problem Details:
I recently bought a new laptop and decided to download Osu! my favourite game!!
Windows 10
Nvidia 960M
However, I've noticed some latency lag (19ms) on my laptop that wasn't present in my 2 year old computer.
I've tried everything the internet suggested but I can't seem to get rid of this lag.

I use Intel HD 530 as my graphics card while running Osu! because I heard Osu! can't run with the newer Nvidia cards.
I've tried letterboxing, unlimiting frames, fullscreen, cutting edge, updated all my drivers. Pretty much everything in this forum p/2072245 including more. There is little to no difference and it's driving me crazy.
How do I fix this lag???? >:(

osu! version: 20160929.2cuttingedge
Have you actually tried running with your Dedicated GPU?
osu! runs on 960M just fine.
I have tried running it with 960M and it was way worse

Dntm8kmeeatu wrote:

Have you actually tried running with your Dedicated GPU?
Yeah I have actually :?
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