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Scarlet Evans
00:59:466 (1) - if this slider is what I think it is, then there can be a small problem: https://twitter.com/sukiNathan/status/7 ... 2304855041 ;)
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Spaghetti wrote:

Also BD, throwing shade at mappers won't make get you or the map in question anywhere, so this kind of behavior is suprising from you, to say the least.

me on reddit wrote:

It's mostly to generate a bit of discussion on this. The ranking process works as some kind of quality control, so that means we should have some standards to avoid subjectivity getting in the way or making things unfair.
I didn't mean to cause any trouble; yes, the passive-aggressiveness was a bit overdone, but this is mostly because of me being salty about all of this happening.
I don't doubt Monstrata's map took a long time to make, and effort was certainly put into it - heck, my map is a cheap imitation and it's clearly not as good as it could be considering the gimmick, yet it took me about 3-4 hours to map these 2 minutes. However, is my map good enough to apply for ranking (considering I remove the 10-star jumps that are clearly unplayable)? If it isn't, why should A-L-I-E-N get ranked?
I'm sorry if this actually made people angry in some way, but trying to create discussion on the ALIEN thread proved being pretty much worthless since it was all about "ok let's forget about it and bring the map back in a few months when people are calmer about it".
so is it for rank now? and what has he against Alien?
You expect Spaghetti to read all that? LUL
Don't really have the time or the ability to mod a map like this (-3-) take my last 3 stars

00:52:566 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - Fucking sick!
nani kore
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Please don't mod/waste stars on this. This is going to be deleted as soon as it gets graveyarded.
dont delete it its literally one of the best maps ive seen its so sexy holy
Is this passable?
loved when

FriendoFox wrote:

Is this passable?
Eta Carinae
I'd actually love to see this map in a finished state. Even though it's a meme, dude this map is freaking sick.
For loved?
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stop taking this map seriously
Eta Carinae

Blue Dragon wrote:

stop taking this map seriously
no :^)
im so gonna keep it lol
does anybody havei t
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