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Bit late since I never checked the community to the forums tab.
I found OSU from a akidearest video that had a clip of guys dancing to Rockefeller street.

I started with standard then got into CTB for 3-4 months, I'm taking a break playing mania for fun.
7k is a lot harder than I thought starting out, 4k is fun to play in 2-3 stars.
I draw, take notes, and play OSU everyday so I have a limit before wrist pain kicks in.

Story board maps are my favorite, I mainly download instrumental songs.

I haven't been watching as much anime/animations in general so maybe some suggestions? :lol:
Last ones I watched were: Serial experiment lain, death parade, and kuragehime
Yo Yo Yo, Welcome to the forums fam. Enjoy your stay!.

Remember to read all the rules and all that good stuff.

As for anime suggestions, There is a post on the Otaku Culture Subforum you can take a peek at.
In terms of anime recs, if you enjoyed Kuragehime I'd say definitely give Orange a shot. Bungou Stray Dogs is a lot better than you'd expect it to be. So is Yuri On Ice (no, it's not about lesbians, it's about male figure skaters). Those are my personal favourites from recent seasons, anyway. If you're into sports anime, give Days a try, the characters are pretty fun. If you ever need anime recs I've been deep, deep in anime hell for the past 11 years so I'm as qualified as any to recommend shit at this point, I think :p

Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums!
Hello welcome to the Forums.
Welcome to the forums!
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