Sixx:A.M. - Life Is Beautiful

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 6:10:26 PM

Artist: Sixx:A.M.
Title: Life Is Beautiful
BPM: 180
Filesize: 14152kb
Play Time: 00:53
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (4.93 stars, 114 notes)
  2. Normal (3.72 stars, 255 notes)

Download: Sixx:A.M. - Life Is Beautiful
Download: Sixx:A.M. - Life Is Beautiful (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Oh yes, more rock.

This time it's Life Is Beautiful, by Sixx:A.M. As usual, more difficulties to come, though I'm not sure I'll actually be able to do an Insane for this one. And I'll add video later on too; I think there's a music video, but I haven't checked, let alone seen it.

So, as always, I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome all comments and criticisms. Thank you! :)

EDIT 01: Uploading the very first part of Hard. I want opinions on this one. I myself have a hard time playing it, so any and all opinions/suggestions are welcome.
EDIT 02: I've warmed up to it a bit... But I still want some opinions on it.
EDIT 03: I'm baaaaaack! After over 9000 years~~! Only update here is adding the video. I just wanted to update something. I still haven't done anything to Hard yet.
EDIT 04: Small update to Hard. Mapped up to the first chorus. Still trying to figure out how to do the chorus.

Also, I'm thinking about adding the bit from Nikki Sixx in the music video at the beginning where he says "There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home." Which means delaying the start of the song, adding a sound clip, and changing the video offset, probably. But it might be awkward for no-video players. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :D

hard. nao
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
i love this song!
im waiting for the full song
and i think there is a music vid probly on youtube
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It's probably not going to happen any time soon. I switched to Linux about 10 months or so ago. osu! doesn't run on Linux. Not on Mono, and probably not (more below) on Wine. Linux support is not a priority for peppy. I do not know if it will ever be. I'm not going to bother him about it; he's got enough to work on as it is.

osu! almost ran on Wine though, but it failed due to a GLX_BadDrawable / GLX_SwapBuffers error. I'm blaming open source ATI drivers at the moment, and I'm hoping radeon-rewrite or Gallium3d brings an end to this error. I can't switch to Catalyst to fix the problem; 9.3 was the last release supporting my IGP, but it lacks support for X Server 1.6 and kernel 2.6.29. 9.4 is the exact opposite side of the coin. Support for new X server and kernel, but no support for my IGP. Such a brilliant move on AMD's part.

tl;dr: I won't be back on osu! for an undetermined amount of time. Someone else can map this song.
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undetermined amount of time over.

I'm back to a dual-boot configuration. Which means I take back "Someone else can map this song."
00:24:06 (9) - new combo + constant rhythm is already getting repetitive T_T plz change the rhythm by moving/adding/subtracting a note somewhere in this stream
00:29:73 (9) - ^
00:32:40 (1) - move a tad farther from 12 and line it up horizontally with it
00:33:73 (4) - align under 3
00:35:06 (1) - align horizontally w 4
00:37:73 (1,2,3,4) - move so 4 stacks under fading slider end
00:40:73 (7) - align w 6
00:41:40 (8) - end with a finish
00:43:73 (3) - suggestion for breaking up the rhythm in this pattern: make this 1/2 shorter and then move the next note 1/2 forward and go from there
00:44:23 (4) - align w 3 (and for all repeats of this pattern throughout the lazy to type them all up :P)
00:50:73 (8,10) - needs hitsounds, i would suggest clap/finish
01:00:73 (6) - half hidden under 5
01:01:40 (1) - align w 7
01:02:40 (2,3) - align w 1
01:07:73 (6) - hitsounds
01:13:06 (2,4) - make these flow better with the notes before them
01:14:73 (1) - finish
01:29:06 (3,4,5) - align with each other
01:34:73 (9) - hitsound
01:46:40 (4) - align w 3
01:51:73 (1) - align over 5
02:08:06 (1) - this is a really long break, you might want to map part of it
02:24:23() - a good place to maybe start mapping again
02:30:56 (5) - move 1/2 earlier
02:33:40 (5) - ^
02:45:06 (1) - align under 5
02:47:40 (6) - align w 5
02:55:73 (1) - align w 6
03:01:06 (4) - align w 3
03:06:40 (1) - align w 5
03:08:73 (6) - partly hidden
03:09:40 (1,2,3) - align
03:11:73 (4) - align w 3
03:22:40 (4) - ^
needs hitsounds...i dont remember seeing any...and more variations in rhythm especially in your long streams of 1/2s

00:22:56 (7,1,2) - irregular spacing (and its really here throughout this section, i suspect it has something to do with grid snap but it looks bad)
00:31:40 (6) - either new combo or move closer to 5
00:34:73 (13) - finish
00:37:06 (6) - end with a finish
00:42:06 (4) - align w 3
00:42:73 (8) - finish
yeah you know you dont have hitsounds so im going to stop modding those now
00:46:40 (2) - align w 1
00:49:73 (5) - align w 4
00:50:40 (1) - align w 7
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holy crap.

BTW I save hitsounds for last. I know they're missing; it's on purpose right now.
Ich kann es mir nicht runterladen :cry:
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