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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, 6 October 2016 at 9:24:19 PM

Artist: xi
Title: .357 Magnum
Source: BMS
Tags: extremebeat piano jazz
BPM: 178.5
Filesize: 3638kb
Play Time: 02:07
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy - 7Key (1.24 stars, 351 notes)
  2. Insane - 7Key (4.51 stars, 1839 notes)
  3. Revolver - 7Key (5.94 stars, 2582 notes)

Download: xi - .357 Magnum
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Timing and metadata from Akali's map. Background from Google. I'm aware that's not a .357, but I couldn't find a nice-looking anime girl with a revolver.

This might just be the first quality full set I map; one of my original efforts to get myself to actually map LNs for a change. I'd suggest that osu! needs more xi but esteemed user self-proclaimed diva Shoegazer seems to disagree with that.

Easy: 1.24★
Normal: Planned 2★+
Hard: Planned 3★+
Insane: 4.50★
Revolver: 5.91★
Soul's Modding
1 / 2 / 3 / 4


  1. A preview point for this map is not set. Consider setting one from the Timing menu.
  2. All timing sections have a volume below 5%.
  3. Your BG doesn't suit the song at all lol, maybe consider finding a better one. anyways i'll look for something
  4. 00:03:359 - Add a note? i realized all the chords you made for the same sound are 5 and this is 4 so put a note on column 1 for consistency i guess
  5. 00:07:056 (7056|6,7056|3) - Was thinking maybe you should move those to column (5,6) bcs chord jacks before stream are kinda meh
  6. 00:08:233 - Personally i don't like how this chord jack is layered, you may want to switch it with something else, suggestion: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6342771
  7. 00:08:905 - To include the third note for he drum here 00:09:325 - i wanna suggest rearranging the pattern like this : http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6343290
  8. 00:12:602 - Maybe rearrange it like this? http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6343298
  9. 00:18:148 (18148|3,18317|3,18485|3,18653|3,18821|3,18989|3) - That's a pretty nasty anchor on the 4th column you got there
  10. 00:19:997 - Instead of LNs i thought it would have some dense bracket streams?
  11. 00:24:871 - Missing note for the loud bell sound?
  12. 00:28:905 (28905|3,29073|3,29241|3,29409|3,29577|3,29745|3) - I really didn't like this anchor for double helix would have been a perfect map in my book if it wasn't or the anchor on 4th ;w;
  13. 00:31:594 - Theres still a change this can have more notes and be densed up? you can make alot of use of the piano in the background to play out like double helix
  14. 00:35:627 - Missing note for the clap?
  15. 00:37:644 - This sounds like it could be chords to me
  16. 00:47:896 - This pattern kinda seems random to me, maybe change it?
  17. 00:48:401 (48401|6,48401|4,48569|5,48821|5,48989|4,48989|6) - This is very awkward to hit for me, maybe change it?
  18. 00:50:081 (50081|5,50165|5) - Inconsistent with the chart?
  19. 01:09:241 - Ya, i think this is missing a note or two
  20. 01:10:585 - Missing note for clap?
  21. 01:15:964 - This has the same sound as the rest of the pattern and yet it's only a 2-note chord, add it maybe?
  22. 01:18:148 (78148|6) - Why don't you move this to 1 to be like the other pattern before it?
  23. 01:19:997 - Why can't this part have similar chord jack to double helix? i think it would fit it more
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