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What peripherals have you tried using to play?

Pen Tablets
46.65% 244
Touch Tablets
15.68% 82
Console Controllers
14.72% 77
Aftermarket/Custom Controllers
4.21% 22
Official Rhythm Game Controllers (Wii Tatacon, KOC)
5.16% 27
Handheld Consoles
3.44% 18
Midi Controllers
2.68% 14
Other (Let us know!)
7.46% 39
Total votes: 523
Polling ended 2016-10-29 23:14:23
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
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At first, there was no Z/Xing to tap circles with, so, in blasphemy, it literally was, "click the circles". We had this old Logitech mouse that was like from the early 2000s to play osu! with. As my sister purchased a Wacom Bamboo Fun, I just wanted to try playing osu! with it. This was probably around mid-2008. By late 2008, I played on a Vista computer my parents purchased, which came with your standard HP mouse and keyboard. Those worked for years, until that mouse's clicking got eaten up. When All-In-One computers were getting to the market, I just had to try osu! out with them, and took my game on a USB and played on display computers in stores without trying to get caught. xD

I actually was one of the first 500 for the osu!tablet shipment, but at that moment, I primarily used it for drawing. I have a Wacom Intuos CTL480 now, but that's also used only for drawing – no osu!playing whatsoever. Just gotta stick to that mouse and keyboard combo. Can't teach an old dog new tricks otherwise. ;)

I have also tried those keypad controllers, which helped satiate my curiosity for mechanical keys too. :)
Console Controllers but.. ahhh :'D
I just use a touch tablet. And i've fun with that lol xD
I once played osu! with a trackball
I guess just pen tablet and mouse (I played quite a while with mouse, actually. At least 30k of playcount is with mouse)
just played with mouse and keyboard
Most of the time I play Taiko with my keyboard, but at times I connect my Wiimote, plug in the Classic Controller into it and just jam out with it. It works suprisingly well.
Once I used a guitar hero control on autopilot.
mouse for aim and analog stick on controller for tapping. figured binding to stick would allow streaming by just rotating analog (didnt work).
I tried to play taiko with a DDR pad
I almost fell to my doom
I've tried a number of silly things... trackball and trackpad of course. I managed to pass a couple of short standard maps with keyboard only (ie using the arrow keys to control the cursor).
Tried touchscreen and trackpad and I should try out a Wiimote now that I think of it.
Used to be a mouse-only player, but have since switched to combination of the standard keyboard and mouse.
I play exclusively with a touchscreen (an HP Envy x360 laptop).

I used to use a tablet + keyboard but it's not as fun.
- HP 2-in-1 tablet/laptop
- Huion H420 graphics tablet
- Synaptics touchpad in absolute-mode
- PSP connected as a controller to a PC
- Nexus 10 over Splashtop (worked really well actually)
- Taiko no Tatsujin Wii drum
- Wiimote (with cursor tracking; didn't work to well iirc)
- Random touchscreen AIO computers inside Staples and Best Buy stores
- DIY touchpad involving a webcam and a laser (I don't recall this working well at all)
- Scanner
- Remote control over KDE Connect (horrible)

I would like to try out my dance pad one of these days; I imagine it would work decently with osu!mania if I map it DDR/ITG-style.

My main set-ups include just a KB and the H420 tablet, and my HP 2-in-1 when I want to do touchscreen. I kind of want to do something like an osu!arcade if osu!stream for Windows releases.
I've owned a tablet for a while doing digital art, discovered OSU then used it for standard.
I don't recommend any variation of an intuos5 since they're made sensitive for art/graphics/photo manipulation.
Tried a windows 8 tablet, OSU only opens as a white screen.
Tried the touch screen on my computer, works and its fun but I have to hold my arm up/screen is bad for jumps.
Trackpad is too slow.
I first played standard with my touch screen but I broke it and now it's just a normal screen. After that I played with a mouse and now I play with my Intuos comic. But I generally play with my keyboard since I'm a mania player. :3
i only really use keyboard and mouse, i tried using only mouse for a while then realized what a bad idea it was when i tried taking on streams
I played CTB with a balance board. That was one hell of an experience. Im also working on a mania arcade-style cabinet for a scholarship, so We'll see how that goes.
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