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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on vendredi 11 janvier 2019 at 14:30:51

Artist: supercell
Title: Hero
Tags: yanaginagi ryo Aoharu Jump Supercell
BPM: 184
Filesize: 7947kb
Play Time: 04:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Wu-Shang (6,36 stars, 1325 notes)

Download: supercell - Hero
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Yop, 2nd map, going for the rank (need mods) :D
Thanks to [ Lili ] for the difficulty name (best grill)
WIP for hitsounds 27.1% done but I'm actually really bad at it, if any kind person could help or do it, it'd be very grateful ;)
God Mooha
why did you steal my metadata
just kidding haha i dont care
Sorry, I never know what to put xD
00:26:695 (1) - don't NC this, should follow 00:26:186 (1,2,3) - .

00:32:290 (6,7,1,3) - Ok my screenshot is not perfect http://puu.sh/sS94e/761a8c9471.jpg, but at that time when (1) is clear, the slider itself as well, so it does look like (1) is a slider http://puu.sh/sS954/ae53f8d53b.jpg. Try to avoid this overlap.

00:35:172 (6) - Hmm did you forgot a NC here? Combo go up to 11 too xD

00:37:885 (6) - ^

01:59:947 (1) - This feel like it kinda broke the 1/2 rhythm and boring for the last diff, I supose the long slider is probably for the vocal, then how about this : http://puu.sh/sS9F0/51ca4c7bf7.jpg, since the drum on 1/2 at 02:00:116 - is still pretty important.

02:05:881 (4,1) - You could totally distance these more for the cymbal, it could maybe be higher then this 02:06:050 (1,2) - , but like 1.72x vs 3.30x is a huge difference. (1) and (4) really feel too close.

02:11:306 (6) - I kinda understand you want to continue the 1/2 rhythm but there is no new sound here, it does feel like we are tapping a invisible sound.

02:15:545 (1,1) - Slider are usually easier to acc, and you been making a lots of slider before, how about changing these to like double notes, and make like some huge jump so player feel the impact of the drum!

02:40:723 (2,3,4,1) - This seriously look really messy to play, mostly due to these slider 02:40:808 (3,4) - , if player follow well, they would kinda curve their cursor, unlike a lots of rank map that have jump stream and that look like that for example : http://puu.sh/sSa4F/231a51edbc.jpg, it feel much easier to play since everything is straight and fast.

02:40:978 (4) - And by the way this is unrankable, I'm playing 1980 x 768, and look at that http://puu.sh/sSa4F/231a51edbc.jpg. bottom of the slider is cut, player should see the whole notes in their playfield.

02:41:656 (7,8,9,10) - Not really to see that the stream is a jumpstream here, usually when mapper do some kind of jump stream, it should be easy to see with some patterning, and also, I feel like you wanted to jump because of the loud guitar, but it start at 02:41:825 - .

02:42:164 (1,2,3) - Hard to play because this stream 02:41:317 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - still continue, the drum is still streaming and is is clear at 02:42:080 - .

02:42:503 (4,5,6,7,8) - ^ at 02:42:419 - , so is kinda hard to stop a bit and continue in the right time, when the song itself is still a stream.

03:05:223 (6) - How about moving those slider point a bit so it look like this http://puu.sh/sSatf/55bcd07cb5.jpg. The first curve is for the drum at 03:05:393 - .

03:07:258 (5) - Kinda break the rhythm, vocal at 03:07:427 - and 03:07:766 - and loud snare at 03:07:766 - .

03:11:157 (1) - Hmm how about this rhythm http://puu.sh/sSaxF/1a6b7b27c6.jpg, since really improtant snare here 03:11:496 - , it should be a tappable notes, not the end of the slider, so those 1/2 drum tap should start at 03:11:496 - .

03:13:531 (3) - ctrl+g this is wayyy to confusing, you are going in the oposite direction but the head of (3) is touching the next notes, so is super confusing.

04:30:845 (5) - Too high, is touching the HP bar.

04:48:648 (4,1) - Why are these slider so low SV, this part is still pretty intense, should feel way more faster.
Hi M4M

First of all, consider this screenshot:

All of the notes are very clustered towards the center, without spreading out much. This gives the player a very cramped playing experience and leaves less room for full movement across the screen. I will touch upon how to improve on this later, when talking about spacing, but keep this in mind for future maps/remap

00:12:113 (1) - Starting off with 1.00x SV seems pretty intense...

00:18:387 (2,1) - So this is where i am going to give a whole shpeel about spacing, both in terms of gameplay, and visual aesthetics.

Let's start with gameplay:

Spacing in Insane and above difficulties is generally used for emphasis. For example, 00:14:318 (4,5) - here you have a space. This space is similar in size to 00:14:826 (1,2,3) - these spaces. However the second three objects all have vocal notes on them, implying the fact that they are more intense than something without them. However, your flow and spacing is pretty similar, if not almost the same. To make a more interesting map and to properly represent the music, you should keep in mind that spacing is one of the few things that set std apart from other rhythm games, and to use that to your advantage.

Next, visual spacing:

In similar sections of the song, your spacing between objects should be similar. This doesn't mean use distance snap, but that you should keep objects spaced apart visually. For an example, lets take 00:13:979 (3,5,1,2,3) - these.

The yellow highlighted circles are kind of all over the place. Now I will rearrange them so that the visual spacing looks consistent:

While this isn't the best flow, notice that the spaces between each yellow circle is generally the same distance apart. It may not be the most striking error when playing your map, but there will always be something off, and that is the visual spacing. Also, this will allow you to judge how intense each section is: the higher the visual spacing, the more intense the section is. And to clarify, visual spacing should increase by section.

00:42:802 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - keep in mind that this section, the downbeats are every two beats, so instead of having jumps in 3s you should have them in 4s.

00:55:179 (1) - try not to NC random objects

00:56:027 (3) - also try not to add random kicksliders where the music doesn't call for it

Balance is also an issue here. The jump spam leading up to the kiai is exponentially more difficult than the actual kiai, which should not be the case. There can be a difficulty spike, but it shouldn't be so drastically bigger, as the kiai should still be the most intense part of the song.

That's all I'm going to say for now, as most of the issues are conceptual. If you map more songs and think about spacing and emphasis, you will become a better mapper through practice.

Good luck!
Hello! Haven't done modding from #Modreq in a while so why not lol

Short mod ~

  • Extra

  1. 00:07:027 - spinner is quite loud and the song itself here is pretty quiet compare to it - Try using Volume of 5% - 20% around here with a green line
  2. 00:12:113 - In this section - it would be cool to reduce the overall pacing until up to here 00:22:456 - because this is mainly a calmer section than the next one but the spacing is pretty similar - making the other section less emphasis because of it
    - Don't have to reduce it too much
  3. 00:32:375 - unlike the other triple I heard - there isn't a exactly a sound on the blue tick here (I here something but when slowing down the song - it doesn't land on the note you mapped) - It would be better for this part to simply not map it
  4. 00:35:087 - Hmm you seems to be mapping the 1/4 beats so it seems inconsistent not to map this - I think it would be better fit if ya map it with some minor adjustments
  5. 00:38:902 (3) - Maybe turn this more towards the left? Just think it would flow a bit better (Minor)
  6. 00:54:755 - there isn't nothing in the music for this beat here so it may be better to just remove it and move back 00:54:840 (4) - and make into a jump like the rest of the jumps in this kiai section
    ^ 01:05:606 - likewise for this and others similar (basically just pay attention to the song slowly when looking for others overmapped like the ones above)

  • General

  1. Difficulty Name is BarbExtra - It is better to keep the name just Extra since it against using username unless relevenant to the song in some form
  2. Disable Countdown
  3. Disable Widescreen Support
  4. Timing lines - No two uninherited or two inherited timing sections should be placed at the same point. - Check this out here 03:43:655 -
  5. Unsnapped Timing lines - Check all of them out and fix it since it a problem currently

K that be all from me - GL
I'll try my best to mod as great as possible.

So first of all green lines aren't put correctly, for example: 00:59:480 - why is this line here but not on 00:59:586 - will work the same but doesn't make mess.
Screenshot: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10728981

Second thing is overmapping, it may be just me but for example: 02:29:363 - I don't really understand the objects you used, for me using 1/2 slider should be much better option.
Screenshot of my idea: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10729017

Third thing are slidershapes, I'm really sensitive about them. It may be just me again but there are quite ugly slidershapes. I don't really like the shape of: 00:48:736 (3) - or 04:13:551 (1) - you are able to arrange them in better way for example: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/10729036 for 04:13:551 (1) - looks much cosier. You should look for those type of shapes and try to make them either more straight or more friendly. Do NOT abuse white ticks only like 04:13:551 (1).

Last but not least I'll talk about SV - 04:48:648 (4) - this is a thing. I may not understand your way of expressing but this slider completely does not fit to this part - this part is the highest point of song tbh and after so huge jumps you use slider with such a slow SV. It may be read as 1/4 slider (because of the tempo of the part) which causes to misread whole next part. I'd consider changing SV to much higher or build a new pattern, but first option suits more I think.

Okay I'm done because I hate modding v1, hope it helps!
BTW it doesn't mean this map has no potenial. I really like the build-up of jumps which are actually fun to play!
One of my first few mods (my 2nd).

00:05:670 - Around this time, the countdown appears. I think it would be better off removed, to keep the stillness of the beginning portion.

Slider shapes in the map feel out of place. They don't flow into the next hit objects, like 00:54:501 (2). Others have unnecessarily crooked shapes like 02:12:832 (3).

02:53:524 (6) - I think this SV is way too slow. This part does become slower, but not as slow as what is expressed in this slider.

03:05:223 (6) - This part, you could shorten the slider to the previous white tick and add a circle at the red tick, where your slider ends right now.

03:53:205 (1,1,1) - These NCs can be treated as 1 combo.

04:21:181 (3,4) - This jump is large, but no major beat corresponding to it. You could put the notes closer for minor sounds, and vice versa.

05:00:177 (1) - Option, you could change this into a long, slow SV slider to fit in with the previous sliders. Up to you though.

The slider directions and flow are not quite good.
00:34:494 (3,4,1)- You could map this in the same counter-clockwise direction it was originally going, to make flow consistent.
03:36:590 (3) - You can reverse this to flow with the previous slider. The next few ones, you can fix with the same logic.
If the slider flow is bad, it will disobey player's expectations, feel uncomfortable in gameplay, or just be.

Depends though on what you intended for each of these.
Some rhythms are out of place. The arrangement could be fixed, but not to the extent that the jumps become way too general.

I just recently started mapping and modding, so it might be bad and there could be several things I missed, but here.
I don't really like this moddingv1, now that I've tried it. Oh well.

good luck.
From #modreqs. There are some rankability issues as well as some other major issues, so I'll be focusing on those.

-BPM is wrong. The correct BPM is ??? use multi-BPM from the other map like we discussed.
-Offset is wrong. A big white tick should appear here 00:12:113, which it does not. It's a full beat early. Change timing point to here 00:06:687.
-You need hitsounds for rank. This means claps, whistles, and finishes (spread throughout the map, not just in a couple of spots). Custom hitsounding is also an option, but not needed.
-Add custom combo colors, the default combo colors do not blend well with the map background. I suggest green, yellow, and maybe orange.
-I scrolled through your inherited points in the map, most of them seem to be 50% volume. If you could add more variation to hitsound volume, it would be beneficial in my opinion (for example, having 70% volume in the kiais and lower volumes elsewhere).

00:21:607 - SV change not necessary, musical intensity doesn't change.
00:26:864 (1) - There is a strong vocal on the slidertail, the current rhythm does not emphasize it well because it is not clickable. I would map this 00:26:863 as a circle and add a 1/2 slider here 00:27:033.
00:32:798 (2) - I don't see a reason for SV change here, especially a slowdown. The music is getting more intense, not less intense.
01:43:329 - Again, unpredictable SV change. This entire section up until around here 01:56:554 should be the same SV (around SV ~1x to be consistent with this section 00:22:963).
02:49:962 - This is the strongest note in the slider, it should be clickable instead of not for emphasis on the crash cymbal.
02:51:488 - ^
03:35:740 - SV change not necessary again.
03:52:527 (1) - NC not necessary, it does not indicate anything in the mapping itself of the song.
03:53:544 (1,1) - ^
04:15:924 (1) - ^ Additionally, making this clickable would help emphasize vocals 04:16:093.
04:29:150 (1,1,2) - Inconsistent NC usage. This has one fewer NC than patterns like this 01:08:404 (1,1,1) and this 02:32:500 (1,1,1)
Hello! It's my mod.

[First of all, I want to say about this

I don't know about that, I have a problem with updating, maybe it's my client's problem but if this really exists in the map, Ctrl-Shift-A for open AiMod and fix this.
It's very interesting

Therefore, I don't say anything about timing. If you want, you can write to me when this doesn't happen, and I'll reconsider my mod.]

- 00:13:977 (3,4,5) - bad flow. You can make something like that

Same problem
00:18:893 (1,2,3,4)

00:20:419 (2,3,4,5)

01:00:433 (3,4)

01:32:139 (3,4,5)
01:48:924 (2,3,4)
02:13:848 (5,1,2)
03:17:768 (4,5,1)
and others.

- 00:24:658 (3,4,5) - these sliders can be more spaced (comparing with the jumps further)

- 00:27:540 (4,5,6,7) - kind of difficult movement in slow part. Maybe replace triple by reverse slider?
- 00:34:322 (2,3) - this triple is overmapped and unexpected for players. My suggestion is a slider.
- 01:04:163 (3,4) - same^. I can't see the reason put kick slider
- 02:28:259 (3,4) - same
- 00:40:257 (3,4,1,2) - right angle after a series of sharp. After that, there is also an obtuse angle. ctrl+g 00:40:596 (1,2) seems like good decision.
- 01:37:564 (1,2,3) - similar problem. Maybe replace 01:37:903 (3) to the right corner.
- 00:55:177 (1,1) - strange new combo.
- 00:59:585 (1) - by this slider you skip this (00:59:754) important sound. Replacing by two sliders or circles?
- 02:23:682 (1) - same^
- 01:06:028 (7) - ctrl+g to flow
- 01:13:319 (2) - same^
- 01:19:592 (7,8) - move 01:19:762 (8) below to avoid overlapping
- 01:53:332 (4,5,6) - similar with problem about overmap and triple>reverse slider.
- 01:59:944 - here you can increase SV to support big space between circles. Now sliders make map pretty slow.
- 02:03:335 - 02:11:134 - about this section - there is increasing volume on music. So you can increase distance between circles gradually. 02:03:335 - 02:05:878 - especially here: need weak jumps here. It would be nice if it was mixed with rare sliders despite the fact that only 1/2 jumps are audible.
- 02:40:466 - 02:43:942 - I really thought about this stream long time and I understand what I can't explain what is wrong. But i'm trying. 02:40:467 (1,2) - it's very bad that blue tick is clickable. Need go to this:

02:42:417 (6) - this slider can be on the next red tick (here 02:42:501). 02:43:264 - I think there must be a note. 02:43:604 (6,7) - undesirable spacing.
- 02:49:792 - here you can save previous SV for saving intensity.
- 03:10:816 - here could be your notes (strange break)
- 03:13:529 (3,1,2,3,4,5) - similar with stream at 02:40:466
- 03:16:072 (1) - passive slider. You can replace it by kick sliders or two sliders following the drums
- 03:25:736 - similar with stream at 02:40:466
- 03:27:093 (1) - same like 03:16:072 (1)
- 04:12:193 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1) - it was woah really
- 04:23:044 (1,2,3) - 04:23:553 (1,2,3) - maybe big distance reverse sliders or one place triples?
- 04:32:369 (7,1) - this overlap is bad. You move (1) a bit lower.
- 05:00:174 (4) - I like it.
- About kiai: I think you can keep three kiai. It's chorus - 00:52:803 - , 02:16:899 - and 04:13:549 - .

I hope my mod will be useful for you, thanks!
ok there's a lot of unsnapped objects as you can see on the post above lol

anyways here's my mod :33

00:17:537 (1) - you didn't simplify the vocals before this, why is it simplified now?
00:12:111 - to 00:22:962 - ok this is such an calm part, why did you use a big DS? :<
00:27:540 (4,5,6) - you should stack those this sound isn't that strong
00:32:796 (2) - do that! https://i.gyazo.com/b85d53178a6f2dc5218 ... 9f98a6.png making 00:33:135 - clickable because it's a strong sound
00:34:322 (2) - this is overmapped for no reason lol just put a circle here
00:35:170 (2,3) - maybe transform those circle into a slider? for consistency
00:37:883 (6) - add NC and 00:38:222 (1) - remove NC
00:42:800 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5,6) - those jumps would sound better like this https://i.gyazo.com/f54ccd382bb595d03cc ... 37dd2b.png

ok i will mod the rest of the map during the week!! sorry im so busy :<
instead listen to teacher during class i choose mod lol
first of all check ai mods

00:03:615 (3,4) - swap the rhythm to support the slider direction on flow
00:13:799 (5,3) - make the overlap clear due the rotation changed https://puu.sh/Bl1F5/724f6a3281.png
00:16:154 (4) - crl+g, to emphasis the vocal soft without any flow break
00:25:317 (3) - you could just repeat (1,2) and make clear visual as move (3) to x308 y66
00:26:850 (4,5,6) - its not straight btw
00:32:435 (3) - it will make sense if it was trips, but since its not why holding it with such a small ds?
00:39:192 (1,2,3,4) - pattern improve https://puu.sh/Bl1Pp/ca5a7018e6.png
00:49:384 (1,2) - just blanket (2) considering it have reverse on it
00:53:428 (1) - 00:54:788 (1) - 01:00:882 (4) - 01:02:584 (5) - 02:17:468 (1) - 02:18:824 (1) - 02:24:941 (8) - 02:26:959 (1) - 02:28:314 (1) - 04:14:051 (1) - 04:15:411 (1) - 04:21:503 (4) - 04:23:232 (5) - use 1/2 slider instead, if you overused the 3/4 slider not on the place it will make less impact for the section wich more worth it
00:58:673 - this prolly what iu looking https://puu.sh/Bl1V4/f8c8867162.png, and dont forget NC (6)
01:07:660 (1,2,3) - try to make same visual snapping between notes due the 1/4 gap between each other
01:34:110 - its not a bad idea to give some break at some point, here usually exist after spinner but you dcd to not. for the alternate break emphasis the music effect https://puu.sh/Bl27R/b23c783a1a.png
01:36:813 - you clearly follow vocal at this section so this rhythm will fit better https://puu.sh/Bl29z/4a72b16720.png
01:40:380 (4) - ctrl+g and move it more to right
01:44:769 (1,2) - switch rhythm
01:48:331 - i kinda expect you do the same thing like here 01:43:256 -
01:54:008 (3) - make it stright
01:57:473 (5) - 03:26:274 (1) - 03:56:104 (1) - use 3/4 slider here
02:01:541 (3,4) - 3 1/2 sldier instead imo, it felt kida awkward with the rverse
02:22:726 (6,1) - again swithch rhythm
02:39:836 (3,4) - give both same amount of reverse to prevent missread
02:46:270 - worth to click
03:13:045 (5) - nc, reapply nc for entire stream per 8 notes
03:16:947 - the curent one too monoton https://puu.sh/Bl2wN/4fa4b53ebf.png
03:19:659 - same, another rhytm improvement https://puu.sh/Bl2yI/0f36a2a856.png
03:29:322 - try catch the guitar with this https://puu.sh/Bl2AY/888253152b.png then also make this 03:30:760 - as triplet, still for guitar
03:34:740 (6,1) - swap rhytm, yes again
03:36:270 - the slider supposed to start here where you can just add a circle to fill the current slider start
03:37:447 - reapply the NC to each slider instead
03:53:714 - there you go https://puu.sh/Bl2Hh/d2dd01b41a.png
03:57:202 (2) - move the trips to 03:57:033 -
03:57:625 (1,2,3,4) - make the circle on (1)
04:19:300 (6,1) - swap thythm again
04:43:023 (2,3) - ^

i mainly focus to rhythm more than pattern and placement since it still need lots of improvement, some feel okay but at another point it kinda odds but you'll get there eventually
best of luck

(long time not modding v1 uwu)
Hello, first time modding on this old format so here we go!


00:07:025 (5,6,7,8) - same noise so why not the same spacing?
00:14:479 (3) - Could face the other way for better flow
00:22:613 - Hit sounds go from 35% to 60%?
00:45:639 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Spacing could continue to get bigger
02:09:681 (1,2,3,4,5) - ^^^^
00:53:763 (2) - make it another shape plz, its too small to be a good looking wave slider
01:44:262 (5) - Miss a big sound on the red tick. Could do two notes here
02:22:896 (1) - Miss a big sound here on the red tick
03:11:187 - Un-snapped timing point
04:07:285 (1) - Fix wave slider please
04:32:872 (1,1) - Same length, different SV's, really really confusing.
04:59:323 (4) - End not Snapped
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