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F1r3tar wrote:

I haven't had a bad day since more then a year ago.

Your mental game just sucks.
Is it really just a mental thing? I would go on those stream stimulators and i would physically not be able to reach my avg bpm.
Just take a break and let your hands rest.
Sandy Hoey

Domo3311 wrote:

Ye i kinda assumed this mightve been the case but was hoping if there was a way to solve these bad days bc sometimes you just wanna play the game yaknow :/
If you just wanna play the game, then it shouldn't matter that you aren't doing well. If you are frustrated and you still wanna play, just go down a little in difficulty until you find yourself enjoying the game again
Don't play when you're on your period. I'm speaking from experience here.
I Give Up

KukiMonster wrote:

dont play too long and do other things than just playing osu
and also
better 2x one hour than 1x two hours a day
Take a break maybe?
It comes down to mental preparedness and readiness. Before you start playing your usual songs, begin with a warm up routine. It's difficult to just get into a challenging beat if your mind and body isn't prepared for it. Just as athletes, professional gamers and various other activities, it is important for you to loosen up the wrist and hand muscles. As beginner, my most successful warmup experiences so far is utilizing the Square Jump Practice Maps. It really helps with identifying your accuracy and helps set the mood for hitting those sexy circles. Just remember that enjoying the experience of Osu! dramatically improves training efficiency.
Always do your best and don't expect a result.
I remember taking a break for a couple of months off this game because of a really bad day. Came back like 4-5 days ago, and all of a sudden, I started being more consistent and fc'ing more songs that gives me pp (no, I don't care about pp or ranks).
When this happens to me I just play some really easy maps and gradually increase the skill level again, as a sort of very long warmup. this usually does the trick for me
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