Kyle & Lee's (STD) Modding Queue (NM/M4M)

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Kyle & Lee's (STD) Modding Queue (NM/M4M)

Welcome to our modding queue!

Lee and I are new to modding, with very little to no experience, but we would like to change that!

How Our Queue Works

When Lee or I are open, we will post in the thread indicating whether we are open or closed. To know about the kinds of mods we are offering please refer to one of our latest posts.

There will be times where we are both open at the same time, if that happens, please refer to the post that indicates that we are both opened, the way we do our mods will be customized for those occasions.

We will only mod your map after you’ve completed your mod for us, to prove you did it please come back and edit your post on thread with a link to your mod. We will complete our mod for you within a week as well.

To apply for a NM please do the following:

NM: map link
Diffs you want modded:
Language of choice:
Additional Comments: (Can leave empty)

Or for a M4M, please do the following:

M4M: map link
Language of choice:
Diffs you want us to mod: (If empty, we will mod what we're most comfortable with)
Your mod for us:
Additional Comments: (Can leave empty)

To figure out what you need to mod for a M4M please scroll to the very bottom of this post!
Lee can mod in: English, French and can respond to Spanish mods and I can only mod in English.

We are open to modding any ones mapset as long as it follows our rules...


• Map has to be clear-able by any of us
• We only mod finished difficulties, at most it can have no hitsounds
• Please complete your mod within a week after posting in the thread, if not you will be blacklisted and will not receive mods from us for 2 months
• No heavy metal
• Nothing too wubby like this
• We won't mod maps that have been qualified/bubbled
• You can only apply for a mod from us once a month

After you have read our rules and still wish to request a NM or M4M, we would like you to please take these things into consideration as we are still inexperienced modders!

• Don't complain about the quality of our mods, you have already read the post and the rules so you should have an idea of what you got yourself into

• We aren’t comfortable with modding Easies, Normals, or Hards but we will still take a look at it, with that said, we apologize for the potential shit quality of the mod

• Low BPM maps (120 or lower) are also something we aren’t too comfortable with, so again sorry

• We will mod according to draintime, for example if we have a mapset with a 3:30 draintime, feel free to mod only one difficulty if you want us to mod your TV Size mapset, we will however only mod 2 difficulties. BUT! If you guys were to mod 2 difficulties we will mod your entire TV Size set, or you can be nice and mod our full set too <3!

• If you’re an experienced mapper, don’t expect life changing mods, sorry

For M4M please click the following image (or whichever one you wish to mod if there's more than 1)!

You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish
Hi, open for 4 NMs and 5 M4Ms please don't forget to read the whole first post and just spam your maps, will close each seperate queue when we pick the amount of maps we want to mod.

Duration: 1:27
Diffs you want modded: The diffs you feel the most comfortable on, they could all need modding so you choose.
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments: have fun with q!

hi hi

Duration: 3:40 (3:24 drain)
Diffs you want modded: just Normal and Hard ,
Language of choice: Engilsh
Additional Comments: |We aren’t comfortable with modding Easies, Normals, or Hards but we will still take a look at it| so i don't know if you can mod low diff . just try lol

thank you in adv :)
NM: map link
Duration: 2:55
Diffs you want modded: it's up to you :D
Language of choice: ENG
Additional Comments: :D:D:D


Duration: 1:05
Diffs you want modded: Any. It's your choice.
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments: It's a 1 minute map. :)
Alright will mod all 4 maps above (unless someone posts while i'm writing this)

NM is now CLOSED

M4M still 5 open slots
Duration: 1:34 (1:31 Drain)
Language of choice: English
Your mod for us: (All diffs)
Additional Comments: My mods can (and most likely will) be bad. Please don't expect much. >.<

{Edit} Mod Post: p/5514985/
Hi, reopening NM since all requests above are cleared, all 3 NMs will be by me

3 NMs

5 M4Ms (We edited the first post with a small clarification about the rules and other stuff)

Make sure to read the first post ~
Duration: 3:42 (3:26 drain)
Diffs you want modded: you can choose :)
Language of choice: english pleas
Additional Comments: thanks alot cx
Duration: 1:15 (1:06 Drain)
Diffs you want modded: Whatever is comfortable for you
Language of choice: English
Have a nice day :D
Duration: 1:49
Diffs you want modded: 3 lowest diffs or 2 highest diffs
Language of choice: English
Ok, NM closed

M4M still open
M4M everything got cleared via pm :)
Hey, reopening for 4 NMs. This round is all on me again as Kyle is busy with the community mentor program and school

Also, if you want to M4M, the map you will have to mod will be the one that I hosted, the HoneyWorks one right here

Uh yeah i don't think limiting the M4Ms is any useful from what i experienced with the first rounds so yeah just do it
Duration: 0:43 (0:43 drain)
Diffs you want modded: You choice :)
Language of choice: English
[ -Scarlet- ]
Hey there~

Duration: 1:55
Diffs you want modded: Prioritize the higher difficulty map ones if possible
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments: Nothing much, really @

Duration: 1:52
Diffs you want modded: Mod what you think you're most comfortable with. :):)
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments: Nothing much, really.
DJ Fish
Duration: 1:31
Diffs you want modded: iiiii's Another and _vanity & Jommy's Super MeGa JUmP MACHINE!!!
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments:
Duration: 1:26 (drain 1:15)
Diffs you want modded: insane
Language of choice: English
Additional Comments: Nothing~

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