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I'm back!~

Welcome back!

Request: Avatar
Type: Single
Image Link:
Text: Yes (Lexii)
Size: 128x128
Border: Cut Line
Shape: Square

Thank you! :D
Welcome back Crystal~
◾Type: Signature
◾Image link: (。-ω-)
◾Text: No
◾Size: 600x150
◾Animation: Yes
◾Border (What type of border?): Cut Line
◾Shape (What type of shape?): Square
◾Extra: Something Like this?. Thanks in advance! <3
Welcome back~ :3
◾Type: Userpage Banner
◾Image link: Img Gif
◾Text: Yes, Aki's Userpage
◾Size: 622 x 193
◾Animation: Mmm no?
◾Border (What type of border?): el que veas mejor c:
◾Shape (What type of shape?): Square
◾Extra: Graciaas :D
Hola nwn

◾Type: Collab
◾Image link: Aqui uwu
◾Text: Yes · Chico: Juan Chica: Amina
◾Size: 128x128
◾Border: Normal Line
◾Shape: Square
◾Extra: Hazlo lindo como todo lo que haces u,u ♡ Muchas Gracias ♡

◾Type: Userpage Banner
◾Image link: Lo mismo que el Ava ; ^;
◾Text: Yes · Chico: Juan Chica: Amina
◾Size: 622x193
◾Animation: Yes
◾Border: No Border
◾Shape: Square
◾Extra: Muchas gracias uwu
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In progress: Nerukolepu

Como siempre con sus collabs hermosos! Kyah!~
Where's my request? ;w;
hello! i just want a special avatar to use for eternity :)

Type: Single
◾Image link: ... .34.34.jpg
◾Text: Yes [n00ds]
◾Size: 128x128
◾Border (What type of border?): Cut line
◾Shape (What type of shape?): Pentagon
◾Extra: if you could make the text gold and shiny, that would be very nice! :lol::lol:
thank you~
[ - Ayumi - ]

XxCrystal wrote:

In progress: Aki-sama♥

Graciaasss, te quedo hermoso<3
Hi! Group avatar images request coming your way ouo

◾Type: Group
◾Image link:
◾Text: Yes
Far left: Deoxys
Middle (left): Kirby
Middle (right): Latte
Far right: BULLA

◾Size: 128x (standard osu image size)
◾Border (What type of border?): B&N
◾Shape (What type of shape?): Square
◾Extra: Thank you in advance! :D
Welcome back :D just an avatar will do
Type: Single
Image link: ... 16a703.jpg
Text: Nope, the picture will do
Size: 192x192
Border: Internal
Shape: Square
Extra: Do your magic :P

Thanks again!

Gracias, valió la pena la espera. :D
Topic Starter

Click in the image!

Aki-sama♥, n00ds, _Latte
They look great! Thank you very much!

XxCrystal wrote:

In progress: AlainDG (read PM)

AHHHH gracias otra vez!! perfecto como siempre ;o; eres la mejor~! ♥
l Mare l
◾Tipo: Banner
◾Enlace de imagen: (Si gustas puedes elegir otra imagen, o agregar mas nose como te agrade que se vea bonito)
◾ Enlace de giff:
◾Texto: Sí : welcome to my world
◾Animación: Sí
◾Border Internal
◾Forma Rounded
◾Extra: hacerlo mas lindo posible, y gracias uwu
◾Type: signature
◾Image link:
◾Text: Yes [Nerukolepu]
◾Size: 650 x 152
◾Animation: Yes
◾Border: sin borde.
◾Shape: rounded
◾Extra: que sea con colores pastel, por favor.
Gracias. :D
[ Kaazuu ]
Hello c:

Type : Overlay.

Screen Resolution : 1920 x 1080

Osu ! Resolution : 1355 x 1016

Player Name : Yes - Kaazuu

Chat Box: Yes - 304 x 368

Cam Box : Yes - 299 x 253

Image Anime : [ Below the chat ] [ ]

Background Color : Blue Pastel.

Thanks ♥
El Ave Fénix ha resucitado de entre las cenizas.

Quería pedirle un collabsito c:

◾Type: Collab
◾Link: Image
◾Text: Yes/ La de arriba Estebin, la de abajo Dankin
◾Size: El de siempre, 200x200
◾Border: No border
◾Shape: Square
◾Extra: Que te queden como siempre, hermosos ♥

Muchas gracias de antemano c:
Topic Starter

Click in the image!

AlainDG, l Mare l, Kaazuu, breathless
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