North American Taiko Tournament (Concluded)

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We in there!

Hello players, this year I will be hosting NATT. This is in place of USATT. I came back from the shadows to ensure our players have something to fill the gap between LMS and TWC. I am here today to tell you that we are hosting a 32 player tournament! New blood and veterans battle it out face to face in a 1v1 double knock-out tournament setting to see who is truly. NA's finest! I hope to see a big turn out and good luck!

Sign-ups are to be done by PM. Send me a message on the website via Forum PM. There is no rank cap but only the top 32 ranked players will play. Also include your timezone for scheduling purposes.

Stream Link:

Registered Players

Tournament Schedule
Registration Phase: September 28 - October 22
Group Stage: October 29-30
Round of 16: November 5-6
Quarter Finals:November 12-13
Semi Finals: November 19-20
Finals: November 26-27
Grand Finals: December 3-4
Map Pools

Map pools will be added a week before the matches in which they will be used.

Group Stage
Map Pack

Round of 16
Map Pack

Quarter Finals
Map Pack

Semi Finals
Map Pack

Map Pack

Grand Finals

Look here to see when Player matches are!

Group Stage
Round of 16
Quarter Finals
Grand Finals

Tournament Staff

Garpo: Event Organizer
Backfire and Lno: Mappool Selectors
Garpo : Streamer
All Staff + Volunteers : Referees
Julie, k3v227, Catgirl and Volunteers: Commentators

Tasha: 6 Months of Supporter
Janitoreihil: 3 Months of Supporter
n1doking: 1 Month of Supporter


1: 1 on 1 Taiko Match in team style format with a point given to the highest score.
2: Best of 5 for Group Stages, Best of 9 for Finals & Grand Finals, and Best of 7 for every other round.
3: Map pools will contain 7 NoMod, 3 HD, 3 HR, 3 DT, 3 FM, and 1 Tiebreaker.
4: Each Player is only allowed to pick once from each of the mod pools respectively.
5: You are allowed 1 map ban per match, this does not include the Tie-breaker.
6: Each player gets 1 warm-up map, if they wish to play one. A warm-up must be shorter than 4 minutes. If both players agree to one warm-up, the duration must be shorter than 7 minutes.
7: Roll is used to determine who will get the first pick and the first ban. The winner of roll will select the first map, whereas the loser will ban the first map.
8: Tiebreaker will be played if both players are 1 point away from winning. It will not be Free Mod.
9: Players will be seeded according to their global rank.
10: This tournament style is much like the World Cup, with a Group Stage followed by a knock-out structure with a loser bracket.
11: Only Players with a United States, Canadian, or Mexican flag on their account are allowed to register in this tournament.
12: In cases where a map results in a tie, the map is nullified and the player who picked said map will pick another. (In a tiebreaker, it will be played with free mod on, then DT if it results in another tie.
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