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h3oCharles wrote:

...and I can't download cyan and yellow, Chrome thinks that these files are dangerous
I get that popup too, it mainly happens if the file is over 100mb. (or something around that size?)
I'm not too sure why it does that, maybe you know why?

Matt2e2 wrote:

...the mode selection text says NIGHTGATE CYAN BETA
-yuo-, were you making the skin based off of Nightgate Cyan?

Google Drive wrote:

This is just google drive being lazy and saying "I can't scan the file for virusus because it's bigger than 100mb" or something like that. I may look into MediaFire if I find a way to bypass it's annoying download UI and instead use an instant-download link.

Matt2e2 wrote:

"I found some problems"
Thanks! Fix those soon.
Also, the scorebar-colour is designed in that way. It's meant to be some kind of afterimage above the HP line so you can more easily read it without looking up from your gameplay.

h30Charles wrote:

"Combo colours... again"
Will look into the issue. I did have a skin.ini mishap, maybe it slipped through.

DaPrimeAtce wrote:

-yuo-, were you making the skin based off of Nightgate Cyan?
The version panel is edited directly from my PSD and not converted from the other colours. I guess I forgot to change the 'CYAN' from my last save though.
The rest of the skin is converted from green.
Here's an issue I encountered while trying to download Nightgate Cyan and Yellow on Google Chrome:

Problem: "Google Chrome has blocked this file because it could be harmful to your PC."

How I had to work around this error: I had to go to my Chrome downloads area and click "Keep file" which caused a popup saying "Keep dangerous file?" with the buttons "Yes" and "No" and so obviously I clicked "Yes" or else Chrome would have discarded the file.

Cause: The files uploaded were not OSK files, they were ZIP folders.

So here's a suggestion perhaps: Maybe try exporting them as an OSK file instead? (The problem is only with those two skins, I had no problem downloading Cream/White.

(Now I know what h3oCharles was talking about
I'll check if the extension is proper. osk files are actually just zip files though.

h3oCharles wrote:

again, there's a combo color that is the same as the main color, this is very noticable with 90% ring <-- thank goodness for alternative colors in skin.ini
Which one?

DaPrimeAtce wrote:

Which one?
Combo#: 255,0,0 //neon
"Combo#: 255,0,0 //neon"

Ok, thanks, I will look into that.

UPDATE: I was looking at the other skin.ini files, and I'm starting to wonder if this:

Combo1: 255,0,0 //neon
Combo#: 178,1,56 //blood
Combo2: 220,46,98 //hot
Combo#: 228,134,164 //pink
Combo#: 143,32,65 //crimson

should look like this:

Combo1: 241,66,106 //red
Combo2: 255,159,247 //pink
Combo3: 255,204,0 //yellow
Combo4: 2,255,160 //green
Combo5: 255,128,0 //orange
Combo6: 104,80,218 //purple
Combo7: 19,189,255 //aqua

I honestly have no idea, I'll have to ask -yuo-, these colours are only in Nightgate Red, and they should either be removed and replaced, or it should be fixed, and it should be applied to the other skins.

Until I get a response from -yuo-, I'm just going to replace those colours with the default ones, and I'm going to save the text for these other colours onto my desktop.
Just fixed the zip files in the downloads. Hopefully they are all good now

The red-themed combo colours are intentional for red. Other colours introduced glare and distracted away from the darkness to red.

Red is not detected by the cones in our eyes. When our eyes look at something dark, the cones are relaxed and become inactive. The rods then go dominant over the cones and start sensing the dim light. When you interrupt this with a brighter colour, this is reset and red becomes 'darker' again. Red is frequently used in UI for pilots and stargazing, since it doesn't reset our night vision. When a brighter colour is introduced, the eye will become less sensitive to red.

This was the reason why i chose to keep the combo colours red, to reduce glare. It also changes where you align the approach circle with the hitcircle. Since the combo colour is brighter than red, you may tend to align the approach circles with the inside of the hitcircle instead of the red border.

Well that's the main reason behind the all-red colours, i'm not sure if it's working well though. I'll probably need more testing.
-------------------BLUE IS OUT-------------------

Aandd here's another one. I recorded the entire process of recolouring this one so maybe i'll upload it somewhere in the future.

12 DEC 2018 [BLU b12-12]

  • Got blue done. I heard this is a long awaited one, so I hope it's good enough.

    I'm very unsure about the combocolours and the deepness of the blue in general. Although it seems a little dark to see, I actually did better when playing compared to white. I think it's because the cursor and the white cursor elements stand out really well...

    If they really don't work out then maybe as a last priority i'll recolour it a little lighter and add refinements.

    I'd also like to note that I haven't really tested the new colours a heap because my main goal here is to just get them DONE. I have a massive stack of homework to do so i thought i'd blast through this to clear my mind a little. Maybe when I get that work done I'll come back and refine, but main goal right now is to get the colours usable and bug free. (not nessesarily ultra-refined.)

Who knew skinning could be so tiring... Well, just purple and bugfixes to go!
I'll take a look at these in 2 weeks, my school has realized that it's the end of the semester and that classes don't have enough grades so these 2 weeks are jam-packed with tests xd
-------------------Bugfixes for Red.-------------------

13 DEC 2018 [RED b13-12]

  • A Nightgate Red bugfix.

    - CTB colors in skin.ini are green - fixed
    - Redone combo colours. This time I actually tested them. Ended up with the ones you see when you update (pink, yellow, cyan, purple). (orange, green were removed from the cycle as green/red looked horrible, and orange didn't provide enough contrast with the red, making the approach circles blend in)
    - Preferences cursor smoke folder had a redundant folder inside it. Removed.

-------------------Bugfixes for Cream, too.-------------------

13 DEC 2018 [CRM b13-12]

  • More bugfixes, this time for cream.

    - Taiko Drum misalignment fixed
    - Version panel doesn't say it's cyan anymore.
    - scorebar-colour is not aligned with scorebar-bg (this is by design)
    - Fade In's canvas gets in the way of Sudden Death, which may cause inconvenieces for mania players (I can't fix this due to the way that image works, and it hasn't been an issue for the last two years anyway.[/quote]

-------------------ORANGE NOW OUT-------------------

13 DEC 2018 [ORN b13-12]
    Just the usual... Report any issues so I can fix them.

    DaPrimeAtce did this one ;)
all 16-10 hd

just opened the skin folder to find out that you are missing slidertick and sliderwhistle sounds

orange - not sure about yellow combo color, and I feel like follow circles are more brown than orange
blue - thx for burning my eyes, not sure about cyan and purple colors
red - purple seems too dark for me

and might be too late for these:
- disable the cursor glow and the cursor itself looks jagged
- white slider balls are transparent... why?

EDIT1: Red in skin.ini
MenuGlow: 255,0,0 //change to skin colour & darken x2 (1/4)
I don't think that's darkened xd

EDIT2: Some colors are missing the Mac folder in Setup
-------------------PURPLE GOODNIGHT--------------------

14 DEC 2018 [PPL b14-12]
  • Aand I pulled an all-nighter to bring you Nightgate Purple.
    I've lightened the colour a bit for this one as the one that was planned was a bit too dark to read, and didn't work very well with the brighter combo colours. (tested with DaPrimeAtce)

    As usual, reply if you find any bugs. I'll be facing my massive stack of homework now so I'll probably do the bug fixes over weekends or if I need a brain break.
    I am desperate for time now though, so maybe I'll focus really hard on that stack of homework and pause the skinning for now instead. Maybe I can do bug fixes on my upcoming holiday trip (where I can't do homework).
Umm should we release the standard aspect ratio now? Only a few days left until I replace this monitor (it's hurting my eyes like hell) so it'd be nice to fix any errors while I still have time.

Also, maybe make a non-gradient LN extension? The gradient makes it very hard to read dense LNs because of the different color intensity and you can't see the gap between the LNs well when notes are firing down

(It's not really obvious when it's a still picture, download the map and see it for yourself https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/738673#mania/1558923)

After all, the gradient doesn't really help much in SVs, so I think it's safe to remove it, or at least make a non-gradient version
Nightgate Purple bugs/missing elements so far:

  1. osu!taiko missing the 300s, 100s, and misses.
  2. osu!taiko inner drum keybinds 1 and 2 flipped.
  3. where is the background?
  4. osu!mania space key (keybinded to space by default, you might have it keybinded to something else) has a fill colour that none of the other skins have
  5. player stats area appears invisible on song select
  6. osu!taiko missing kiai files?

that's all I have for now, I will update the list of bugs if I find more.
Thanks for your replies. Progress of nightgate will slow down once again as I focus on homework now, so please be patient!

I'll try to work on it at the end of each day but I do have a massive pile to go through so I'm not entirley sure about that.

Sorry again for my lack of time but gotta do that work!

-yuo- wrote:

Thanks for your replies. Progress of nightgate will slow down once again as I focus on homework now, so please be patient!

I'll try to work on it at the end of each day but I do have a massive pile to go through so I'm not entirley sure about that.

Sorry again for my lack of time but gotta do that work!
No worries, it's not like it's needing to be done now, so focus on other things for the moment!
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