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How Does Youtube Copyright go with Osu??? bc i was thinking about recording it and uploading it???
osu! itself isn't a issue but it's rather than about the audio contents in the video.
If the audio belongs to Sony, prepare for a copyright strike as they like to aim on this.
Also many other companies do it too so to be safe, do a background check like is there any similar videos to this, check the copyright status of the audio/song.
Technically I'm pretty sure gameplay videos and the use of music in osu falls under fair use? I mean osu is a bit of a grey area in copyright law in general, but for youtube's TOS as long as your channel isn't monetised you're not gaining from the use of the audio. The audio is also obscured by hitsounds so it's not like it could be ripped and shared.

Not that companies see it this way, mind you. Your best bet is just to either upload it anyway (yolo fuck it) or do what Rilene said and double check it against similar videos and see if they've had issues. Half the time youtube will autocleanse audio its algorithms think are questionable, so it isn't really any big deal.
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Ok Thank You Ill Keep You In Mind!
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deadlydragon21 wrote:

How Does Youtube Copyright go with Osu??? bc i was thinking about recording it and uploading it???
I already upload osu! videos to youtube some content won't get hit but some do, like Promise by Kohmi Hirose but you don't usually get copyright strikes from it just claims and the video can be blocked in some countries (For promise it get's blocked in all) or it gets monetized by the claimant which is fine in my opinion since it is their song, you can chose to file a dispute which could get you a strike but I've only ever done disputes when a song was claimed by a different artist than who the song actually belongs to, hope this helps.
Look in the youtube music library before uploading any of the songs you play in osu!.
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