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Welcome to Essey6's Taiko Modding Queue!

please read the rules~!

-I mod what I can and when I can, which can range from very little to wayy too much lol. Just because I did not post a suggestion in one difficulty does not mean that I didn't look at it. I look at all the difficulties in a mapset, even if I'm not modding them, to get a feel for the spread c:
-I'm a noob. Major noob. Any suggestions that I make are probably incorrect lol.
-If I accept an M4M and can't make any changes, I'll mark your map down for a hype and I'm open to modding another map as compensation.
-Warning: I like boxes.
- 8bit songs
- Super kawaii moe songs
- Anime openings (unless it's like What's Up People then hmu I breathe for that type of shi-)
- Soft pop
- Songs over 3 minutes in length
- Futsuu and Inner Oni difficulties
- V1 !!!
- Literally anything else

See latest post for openings!

- Please only request when NM's are open c:
- Give me at least 4 days to mod your map. If your map is not modded by the 5th day, feel free to poke me! I probably forgot...
- You must mod first. From posting, you have a week to mod my map or the request will be cancelled.
-I will upvote your suggestions, so please upvote mine!
- I will only GD Kantan, Muzukashii, and Oni difficulties for right now.
- Your song must not fall into the "I WILL NOT MOD" rules.
- Map must either be for rank or for memes haha
Hi, may I request an NM?

Mafumafu - Yume no Mata Yume, Length 3:34 (3:11/3:20 drain), you can mod whichever difficulties you'd like :D

Thanks in advance~
:^| .....................

Title: C-Force Soundtrack Compilation
Artist: Kenichi Matsubara, Tomoya Tomita & Yasuhiko Manno
Length: 8:54
Difficulty: Fukutsu

dont look stars of diff pls, just mod as u want as u can. ty!
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