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Hi! I've made a writing and art discord for anyone, but a lot of us play OSU/ hold tournaments so thought I would share it with you guys. We have competitions, movie nights, poetry slam, gaming contests, and a lot of other stuff. We're also discord partnered. If you want to join, here's the link: https://discord.gg/sas Keep in mind, we're an application only server! Enjoy your day!

Members: 6610
Language: English
Server Name: SJW Lounge
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/caAEggm
Server Owner: Trin
Discord community server with an emphasis on collecting songs and creating difficult to master challenges (ranging from very easy, to how is this possible). Personal Leaderboards are ran in this server, as well as it being a place for people to find more groups for multi.

Server Owner: Rashanka

Server Name: Generic Osu Challenge Server.

Name: Pro 1817
Link: https://discord.gg/Yu7S7uQ
Admins: me
Moderators: Blind, Gamezombie, Nebby, Nin3d/Eragon, Xteam

The server focus on osu! .
We all are speaking english.
We have our community, and, we also make osu! events.
The server it's very active and there's a lot of members.
Beside that, it is very organised, so you'll not get lost.

Are you playing another mods, like Taiko?
Don't worry, you'll find someone to play with.

Also, when you join the server, go to #role-assign and choose your osu! mode.
It's very important to get notified about updates and games.

Let's create a big community!
I'll wait you all ^^.
Server Name: Osu! Club
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/qym6hbT
Server Owner: Paul
We are a new server based on osu and anime (maybe other things in the future).
Come and chat with us, we have are friendly guys.
Server Name : JAOS - Just Another Osu Server (Will rename this soon)
Invitation : https://discord.gg/rzFYtnZ
Server Owner : Loli Hunter

Mainly English For The Language
Server's Somewhat active although we tryna make this active af
Got 2 Special Boys Here A HiTachi Tv and a Skyie boy,

Osu! Chillzone is an extremely small server created just a couple days before posting this thread, with under 15 members. The server is basically a place where new members to Osu! can join and relax! Think of it as a safe haven for players who aren't looking to do competitive play. The server is very small currently but hopefully this thread will help it grow more! Come on, what are you waiting for? Come say Hi!

Permanent Link: https://discord.gg/t3WxvBB
If the link is invalid, unlucky for you! You may have been banned or the link has been revoked.
Servidor Discord [Brasil]

O servidor foi criado para unir jogadores da comunidade do osu!, independentemente do seu modo de jogo.

This server is a friendly server for osu players new and old. We also discuss anything anime related. Feel free to join. Our server is brand new and looking for new, friendly, active members. We're also looking for admins and mods! https://discord.gg/SGUFvFb

sooo, I have a discord that desperately needs people in it. The discord has very friendly staff, and it is very active. It also has a osu! bot that is way better than owo, and you have to personally request the bot from the owner. Well, join if you want to.


(never will expire)

I have a new Discord made for new players as I have not seen any others. I have channels for playing together and trading beatmaps and skins please click the link below as there are no players currently in the server the this time.

link https://discord.gg/B3T8ZXw
This is a Discord Server for weebs and anime fans in general. It has fun bots you can play with and you can hang out and talk about random moments from your favourite anime! We have a QOTW (Question Of The Week) so you can discuss your answers! Please join as we need more members.

Hi there! :)

This is a Discord server a friend and I made for this game. It's small, but it's close, and we're always looking for more people to talk to, so if you want to, hop on by.

My weeaboo roleplay server thing come and have some fun with us!

DISCORD LINK : https://discord.gg/ag2wskK
https://discord.gg/nmqT2NR unofficial osu server
Hello everyone!

We just opened a new community-led Discord Server for all osu! players!

Introducing..... osu!dojo!

We have tons of chats for people that play different modes and many more!

Currently we are also accepting staff members as well!
We would look forward to see you in the server!

Thanks for your time, see you at the dojo! 8-)

Invite: https://discord.gg/cub5SgR

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