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we need more player to our Discord Server "Osu!ers UwU"

Big Boys Only AU Based Server

Discord for osu and otakus alike!
Join here.
We're a small community trying to grow! Tournaments will be when we gather enough people.
This server boasts other chats for a variety of things including news, trading, and even looking for games! With a variety of bots so you can experience the dankest of memes.

(I'm not a salesman, but I tried)
Server name: Narukiko's Chat Zone
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/4f6qEzb
Server Owner: Narukiko

This server is related to not just osu but technology, and others.
Welcome to the Osu! Community discord server!

Here you can share your best moments on osu, and make new friends with the people that play the same game as you!
We also organize tournaments end fun activities with the whole server, to keep it fresh and fun!

there are commands for letting people know if you are a tablet or mouse player, or even something much more different!

So join now: https://discord.gg/fw2snDG

Osu! Community
Lets not post the same thing twice please.


just a smol server where we talk about weeb things or maybe stream anime on rabb.it sometimes.
very little active people so in need of new members ;-;

Brand New Server Made Less Than a Day Ago. Looking for a community to grow from scratch. Play games, listen to music and just chat with people and be part of a growing community


It's nothing special just a little discord server I have.

I just want friends tbh lol
Servidor Discord [Brasil]

O servidor foi criado para unir jogadores da comunidade do osu!, independentemente do seu modo de jogo.



Brand new discord server for UK players. Come join us, we have tea and biscuits.
Heya! /ᐠ ._. ᐟ\ノ

If you want to look for a nice place, feel welcomed and look for some nice friends than join us on "Osu Friends!"
We are growing every day and we as a friend community get more and more nice people around

Cya there!
Hi all!

This is my discord server, named "The Big Baloney". The server at the moment only consists of me and a group of friends, but I'm wanting to try and make it a bigger community, specifically with osu, as it's a game I personally play a lot, so it will be a great thing to be able to discuss and play with others in the server.

We're always looking for new people to join! We play various types of games together, and are looking forward to new players joining.


OSU Discord called Supreme Osu we have alot of things such as

Anime Talk,
Roblox Talk,
Serious Talk, more in the discord :)

Owners: Truth, Me (Lua)
Admins: MarkedUp Gohan,
Admins In Training: 0
Moderators: 0
Moderators In Training: Riura,

We're still looking for staff so if you wanna be one come join :) and PM me.
Server name: osu! Arizona
Invitation link: https://discord.gg/fGyMPk5
Server owner: Jetpuffed

Obviously, you don't need to live in Arizona (AZ) to join. Anyone can join if they really want to. However, those who do live in Arizona will get a special role. There aren't really any special requirements for this role, except stating that you live in a city or town that resides in the state of Arizona.

The rules on here are pretty lenient, with just a few set in place. You can talk about whatever you want on this server, it doesn't just have to be about osu!. If you live in Arizona, you might want to talk about just Arizona things, things that other people might not understand :).
Hello and good to see ya <u< -wiggles eyebrows-.
Want to have a real good time to discuss about Osu, anime, games in general or your latest experiences with aliens? FEAR NOT!
We're currently alomost around 100 Members with the ambition to grow C:.


What we have to offer:

-active members
-upcoming events
(Art, small Tournaments, etc.)
-leveling system
-opportunity to share your twitch stream
-and much more!

Got apperite?
We would be glad if YOU join us C:

Hello my fellow friends,

We created a new OSU server requested by fellow OSU players!
We are already 11 people since 2 hours

We have various channels for OSU!, MMOs, Shooter, Mobas and Battle Royale Games!

Dont spam
Dont Insult
No Hate Speech
3 Warnings and you get banned.

Textbased: English, German
Voice Chat: Majority language will be spoken. Is everyone russian/german/french? speak russian/german/french as long as you want. If everyone wants to talk with each other? english!

Want to become admin?
Chat with me. I want to get to know you.
Admin has 2 weeks trial before becoming a full admin.

Heya guys,

We have a discord server named "osu! Friends."

It's very active everyday and our main goal is to be one of the best if not best non-official osu! server on discord.
Rapidly growing at almost 250 members in such a short time already we will make sure you feel welcomed and at home!

Our main language is English and we share our osu! experiences, have a random chill talk, meet awesome people and have fun!
Also the server has a dedication to nice roles so it get's addictive and tempting!
Everything else is nicely explained in the server.

If you are interested don't hesitate but join! (:
Cya there!
Jik's haters, feel free to join if you hate me. ^^
Arcania - A Multi-gaming & Social Discord Community

We have quite a few osu! players around here, some of which also stream and if you're looking for chill people to play with and call friends, this may just be the place for you! :)

The invite link is here: https://discord.gg/XHwj8ek

We also have tons of both for various uses: listening to music, image / gif spam, user leveling based on activity and more.
Aside from that, osu! is not the only game that's being actively played around here. We also run around in other popular games.
Plus, if you're a content creator, either on Twitch or YouTube, you can get a shoutout everytime you go live or post a video on one of our text channels or get moved up the members list when you're live.
Give us a shot if you want, our doors are always open. Free to stay, free to leave and always honored to have you as a member!
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