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Random little discord server anyone is welcome tbh \o/ (´・◡・`)
Name: Lumy's Public Server
Link: https://discord.gg/68f6P35
Owner: Lumy (Me)
Admins: Recruiting somes moderators as soon as the server is filling up a bit, at least 10 to 20 people before starting recruitement.

Anyone can join, to discuss about anything you like even in vocal, into the respect and the good ambience of course. :)
You must speak english a minimum to join.

Please, share it with your osu! friends!
i have made an osu! fan group just for people who like osu can meet others
this is just a group that i made for fun because i LOVE osu 8-):D

Name: osu
Link: https://discord.gg/6hx9nZw
Owner: heison( ME)
Bonjour ou bonsoir à tous ^^ !!!

Je viens ici pour vous proposez de rejoindre notre discord principalement tourner autour de OSU! mais on joue a plein d'autre jeux et il y a une super ambiance, on joue aussi a League of Legends et quelques MMO et certains CSGO aussi ...

Tous les lundi soir on met une map pour la semaine et celui qui fait le meilleur score bah gagne un truc mais bon c'est pour le fun surtout ;)
On a pas un super niveau mais certain vont jusqu’à 5-6 stars :)
Donc si ça vous dit n’hésitez surtout pas ça nous fera très plaisir, à bientôt !!!

--> https://discord.gg/fCuJBb
Casual hangoutsss, please come join!
Server Name: Osu!
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/5TJNU6U
Server Owner: Tsukiomi

Thank you, thank you.

Discord Server : osu! Skinning Thailand
Link : https://discord.gg/N6sBazd

Thank you for enter.

https://discord.gg/Ef2hX pls be my friend
i was gonna make an official post for the discord server i have, can i still do that or do i HAVE to post the link here with no more info
Hello! recently I made my own Discord server. I believe that we can help make this discord server expand.

There are rules for the Discord as well, and tons of voice chats and text chats, and staff applications are open.
We hope that we can all have fun. This Discord is for osu! only. Please respect one another. Discord link is below, Thank you!

osu! Island
I am the owner, discord name is addictivity#8747 and in-server is Q_R | Bobbie
Server dedicated to the osu!kpop community, run by people that can actually manage one. @_@

Come join us! Bring all your pals that enjoy osu! and kpop. When we hit 100 members, we'll hold a raffle to give away 1 month of support to a random member!

Name: osu!kpoop
Link: here
Owner: you're lookin' at her (Ceani)
Mods: Firetruck and Xiaolin
Hey! Join us, we have serveral type of games you want to play (ROBLOX, osu, othergames :) ) And of course, no NSFW and swearing. It's a safe Discord server.
Come join us

Server Name: Game Center
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/dAqWDhU
Server Owner: davidminh0111 and benho124

Edit: It isn't my server.
Name: Triple's Cave
Link: https://discord.gg/8UmrnfS
Admins: Saeb
Moderators: none atm :3
Language: English
Focus: Games and fun
Tired of solo queuing? Need someone to talk to while you casually play The Sims? We offer a chill spot to game without toxicity! From League of Legends to FFXIV we support all gaming communities. If the people demand it we supply it!

Server Name: NLG
Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/wzgcGKq
Server Owner: ChocoKewkies

Are you talented? Do you want to hear or find talent? Then NOLIFECLUB is for you! We appreciate any form of creativity here, with 2000+ people, there is always someone to encourage what you do! We have one of the most active voice chats, and we'd love to hang out with you!!

Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/mb5XG43
Server Owner: Vibekilla
Are you tired of fancy advertising? Hate server with too many rules? This crap is for you!
osu! and stuff, chat and fun, just anything you want to do can be done here! but less doesnt mean none

Server name: Kondou's Osu! Party Room \:D/
Invitiation Link: https://discord.gg/mQ9eRvn
Server Owner: Kondou
I just found an idea of making a standarized osu multiplayer community that can share maps, scores, fun together. A place we can all have fun in, invite more people to, form multiplayer rooms from. We can also set many language-specific places for people feeling uncomfortable with using english. Everyone that speaks different languages just message me about it please (I won't be making language rooms until people want me to).

I'll be the one responsible for discord mods and bots, if anyone wanting to join is familiar with moderating discord servers please join and pm me on discord so I can set some special ranks for it.

For now I've made the ranks beggining on 6-digit up to top 100, everyone can join, suggest changes, advance further in ranks.

We've got all the standard discord bots like tatsumaki fired on.

I'd love that project to go further and further, so we can standarize a nice discord server people can pick opponents or friends on.


Join the legacy. Invite all of the multiplayer members you play with.

Please note the server names or logos are to be decided later. The o!mp is the current and the easiest one, since we never had any reason to develop it further without knowing who's going to join.

Every single soul is appreciated and every single soul will get a special heart from me, even if it doesn't matter to him/her. If we want to build something big we need to accept that we're actually small. We are. I hope for this to be the revolution, but the truth is atleast a thousand of people needs to join so it gets somehow bigger and more popular.

Please note that even if I keep the administrating rights myself I'll still give the staff possition similar to the actual one in a game to every regular osu staff member that joins it and tries or wants to be a part of it.

One special question for everyone joining from here and now - please do not leave seeing 5-10 people in. We pretty much need more people to have more people c: Give it a chance instead of ruining it.

We want to make friendships over all of that so do not treat is as your average server, but as a chance that allows you to find amazing people C:
Go use this Osu! Discord to challenge pros, Challenge other pros in multiplayer. If you new get help from a Pro! This is a new discord so there arent many people currently, but once this gets going, It will be great! If you want a promotion on the discord please send me and video of you beating a Osu! match that I or my mods will determine if you gt a better rank.
Discord link: https://discord.gg/gxG5cQ8
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