What was the worst anime you've ever seen?

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Shinmai Maou no Testament >:(
ero manga sensei so fucking boring men
Vaxei Junior
Gabriel DropOut just didnt like it at all
Sao II
Tokyo Ghoul season 2, because they butchered the story.
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. It is so boring

korewazesty wrote:

Tokyo Ghoul season 2, because they butchered the story.
and SAO jesus christ
Finis Terrae
Ever heard of "Hametsu no Mars"? That's my answer to this question. It's so bad, I feel good laughing about it
Going to have to argue against Samurai Harem. There's probably nothing wrong with it's production value, and it would probably qualify to be better than most anime, but this is just personal preference.

Samurai Harem follows a kid who gets sent to his distant... whatever they were's, dojo by his father, who states that he must be prepared for the threats of modern society, but really just wants him to leave. This is just starting off toxic between the father and his son, who has already done more than enough to be skilled at swordsmanship. And better worse, every single girl falls for the samurai. Being his caretakers, this series tries to convert any and every main female role to be included in this samurai's harem, hence the name. And at the end, the samurai is doing some stuff, when one of his caretakers is taken captive under no suspicion, from a private bathhouse set in motion by the kidnapper, and the samurai gets his ketsu kicked, essentially making him seem more useless than before. He's trained for God knows how long, maybe 12 years, and he gets annihilated by skill, and the only reason why he gets the girl back is because the perpetrator's sister confesses her secret emotions to him? That's calling BS, and that's why I don't like this show. Nothing is wrong with the attempts to make this great; in fact, it's tried to humanize their characters more than some anime I've seen recently, but it's plot development, reference and execution are what I feel as lacking.
Sword Art Online 2 •̀.̫•́✧
elfen lied and kaze no stigma

Angelsim wrote:

Gabriel DropOut just didnt like it at all
nani the f how is that possible

but answering the question:

Binsu wrote:

Sword Art Online 2 •̀.̫•́✧
Sword art online.
I shouldn't have to explain why...
Hand shaker
[ - Hinami - ]
Dragon ball, ew.
School days
Mostly School Days For Me
Mahou Sensou.
They rushed the final episode so bad.
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