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A very long forum for osu! Players Veteran or Noob...


I am going to list what hardware and things I've used to help others to hear my opinion if they are investing on upgrading their current gear.
Side note, I would love feed back on this!


Huion 420
The Huion 420 is basically the osu! Tablet from 2015 without the trademark OSU! Logo on it. The pen to tablet has substantial weight to it and the tablet itself is thick and stable. The tablet is black and slick in design. Using the tablet was more useful in osu! Than my graphic designing gigs so this tablet is definitely more geared to be for Osu!

Wacom Intuos (Small)
The Wacom Intuos is a tablet I still use today playing osu! The tablet is compact and quite a decent size for my 1920x1080 monitor. It has hit points so you tap them and bring up whatever site or anything inbetween you may need to use. The tablet’s pen is light and very accurate.


RAZER Mamba (Tourn.)
The Razer Mamba is a very expensive mouse with just magical rgb control.

Logitech G600 MMO
If I were to be completely honest I’d recommend you not buy this for a rhythm instead purchase it for like FF14 or WoW. It’s really responsive but a real bimbo to clean. The colour choices are hella limited but White was def my favourite.

GIGABYTE M6800 GM-M6800 Noble
A cheap alternative for the $100+ gaming mouses you will never get. It has really nice input a pretty click sound almost as good as the sound of a mechanical keyboard.


Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB
This keyboard is a good beginner mechanical kb. The kb is sleek, has a good colour changing program and overall is super duper nice to feel. Clean this regularly if you’re like me; a gremlin.

Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard Cherry MX Silent
This thing is perfect if you need to be quiet at night or simply needing a bit more quiet mechanical keyboards. I will say from experience; Mech kb make streaming 100% easier; Trust me. Laptop or default key boards are hell bound to stream on.
dafuq, who need these mouses for osu!?
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KupcaH wrote:

dafuq, who need these mouses for osu!?
It's not meant to be "Buy this for osu!" It's more to tell what I have use, As stated.
Doesn't mamba have a trashy laser sensor? Deathadder is a better choice and one of the few razer products worth buying.
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B1oody wrote:

Doesn't mamba have a trashy laser sensor? Deathadder is a better choice and one of the few razer products worth buying.
Hmm, I didnt seem to have any problems with mine. I'll have to check out a Deathadder though, Thank you !
Honestly that is not a bad list of equipment. I'm still a noob though xD
I saw Mamba and I chuckled, like hell, off the top of my head G303, Death Adder, Zowie FK series, steelseries rival 100, steelseries rival 300, roccat kone and probably a lot more. But not mamba
I play with laptop keyboards and i don't think they are that bad
Ehh... honestly I wouldn't recommend any of the mice on the list. For games that are as aim-intensive as osu!, you should avoid a laser mouse and go for something with an optical sensor. I'd recommend something like a Nixeus Revel or one of the fancy 2016 Logitech mice (or something like a Skydigital Nmouse4K, Razer Abyssus, or Logitech G100S for anyone on a budget).

As for keyboards: While I don't really have any real objections to the keyboards mentioned (aside from my opinion on their looks, as well as the fact they're not #opticalswitchmasterrace), I don't think it's a good idea to recommend a beginner to spend all that extra money on a flagship brand-name keyboard when a much cheaper Cooler Master keyboard would serve them just fine.
My setup right now :
Rival 300
Apex M800 + Ducky Mini Red sw
Wacom CTH 480

I recommend to get 2 mech kb with different kind of sw will help you to improve your stamina and your reflex better. ( i'm a noob but i know science.)
Never stick with a laser mouse in osu. When you get about 10k rank, you'll understand.
i don't use razor product
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