[invalid] How can would I go about recovering deleted replays?

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Problem Details: So how could I get back these files. I don't write to my drives that much so most files should be recoverable in my opinion.

osu! version: 20160821.1 (latest)
Just do some file recovery thingies, however that can take considerable amounts of effort and work and wont be easy. If you cant find them from the recycle bin i dont think its worth the effort to do file recovery.
You must really want those replays to go as far as attempting some form of file recovery. Marking this thread invalid because you have the other one which is basically the same thing. Google might be a better option for you honestly. I doubt there is anyone in the file recovery business hanging around in the forums.
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Oh ok thank you! <3 Sorry for the repost. I wasn't getting alot of replies but so I made another one. My bad.
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