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[ Niku ]
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Hello guys,

I just wanted to ask if i'm allowed to Play in another Country. Or if i get Problems or something because i do. Thx for the answers

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20160819cuttingedge
Zheng Jiang
yes you can play in another country
Sandy Hoey
The flag by your name doesn't really mean anything. It just allows you to compare yourself to other people in your country and gives people an idea of where people are from.
If you are talking about logging in from a different country, yes. You can. It will trigger a verification request. But that's all.
Yes it is allowrd
If you are moving to a different country (permanently) you can ask for a flag change, if you are only on a trip/holiday you can do nothing (except the verification)
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[ Niku ]
ok thanks for the anwers. Just wanted to ask cause a friend of mine had some Problems a while ago but that's another story^^
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