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(I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum !)
As much as the website osu!skinner is really well made and helpful; most of the elements there are from other skins.
I am not saying that they should be removed but sometimes I see skins in this forum that are made by that website or elements from it, which making it a mix skin (Although the creators think it's an original skin)
So, any suggestions ?
Like making a notice/heads up that skins made by osu!skinner are mixed skins ?
The dev has been asked for a feature to update the "creator" field of various skin elements, along with a "link to full skin" button and responded positively to both.

Original thread here : t/371468
This is where you might want to post your suggestions.

Ps : You can pretty easily tell mixed skins from original ones in the osu! forum.
If the post is well structured, detailed and contains a lot of information promoting the skin, giving off the "I worked a lot for this" vibe, it's most likely an original skin.
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