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Okay, i've searched for it, but instead of a topic i've only seen a post and it's pretty much ignored orz

My request is a simple zoom control to be used when storyboarding. Working just like an image-editing program, obviously including the grid.
I'm requesting this because detailed sb's are kinda hard to align even with (x,y) coordinates and that would help, a lot.
Just to make it clear, I'm not talking about timeline zoom!
Inb4 "Increase your resolution": No, i need a higher zoom for a more accurate view :3
This would help a lot for people that don't want to/can't edit .osb for everything :3

Nice idea, but since most people here in Feature Requests think editing .osb is better than editor, I'm not sure if it will get considered.
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Aesthetics details are a pain in the ass to edit via .osb , and it take ages to fix it properly :3
Yeah, cool idea.

Alligning storyboard is hard, even using the .osb, guys. Mostly because of some fonts, when you crop it, it's just not the same.
So yeah, supporting this.

I also would like to point out that zooming would also help a lot people that make skins. Most things are kinda transparent and you can't really tell it from Photoshop or other editors. Zooming at the osu! editor would totally help to figure out which parts you need to fix things.
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