Hanatan - Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru

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MrSergio wrote:


02:09:112 (2) - maybe a ctrl + g?
02:33:805 (5,6,7) - I fee like this triplet should be different than 02:33:343 (2,3,4) - , so maybe unstack it? replaced them as a 1/4 slider
I'd make 03:09:343 - 03:24:112 - this section with a lower SV in general, since it's really really quiet in comparison to the rest well I disagree with it, cuz imo there are enough sounds if it's compared with 02:54:574 - (or even higher), and there are no much difference to use a different sv, so I will leave it.
03:44:420 (1) - (nazi) second curve can be done better, like this
03:45:805 (3) - either add a repeat on it, or reduce spacing between 03:45:343 (2,3) - , since the spacing between 03:45:805 (3,1) - is misleading right now (as a player I'll think it's still a 1/4 snap) added a 1/4
03:52:036 (2,4) - I'd really reduce the jumps on them, since they are really soft and background sounds here, so it's a bit strange to have such big spacing on them not really, i think guitar sounds can make a emphasis for those notes
04:30:112 (3) - idk, it feels a bit misleading having it like that, since it looks like a generic 1/4 jump. Try something like this or similar

poke me
no comment = fixed xD
bul bul #2
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IamKwaN wrote:

that english name is unofficial translation, so feel free to ignore

and no, i don't think you need to add ver 花たん there simply because you have artist field for that purpose already

current meta is fine, Electoz also asked me the correct romanisation for 花たん, i have answered him as follows:

IamKwaN wrote:

i think i have searched about this before, here's what i have

She uses various styles for the Hanatan part in her album covers, so we don't have to make things complicated here.
https://image-proxy.namuwikiusercontent ... L1500_.jpg ... /cover.jpg
Hanatan is good to go
good luck!
Metadata is fine
Sry for the late


  1. Isn't one of the tags is supposed to be "honeyworks" instead of "honeywork"? Correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. 01:22:266 -The lyrics(ly-15) here should be "くて" instead of "くって". According to this which is from the official video(Thanks to Kanau).

[Falling in Love]

  1. 00:29:420 (3) - Pretty sure this is 1/6.
  2. 04:37:036 (1) - Remove NC? Since you didn't NC 01:21:343 (2) - 02:40:728 (2) either.
  3. 04:49:959 (1,7) - Swap NC?

Popped the bubble due to a wrong snap slider on 00:29:420 (3) . Call me back for a rebubble after you fixed the snap~
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@Electoz all fixed, and I decided to remove storyboard cuz i lost my psd file (...) and it doesn't shows much stuffs
and I guess honeyworks is the right one..
To other BNs: Storyboard is now removed.
Can I?
woooooo more Hanatannnnn
wait what that was too fast lmao gratz
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2 bubbles and 1 heart in 30 min yay
thanks everyone!
오 랭 되셨군요 축하드립니다!
Gratzzz!! :D:D
nice hitsounds XD grats/
This mapping is already better than Gaia's congrats 8-)
님아 갓매퍼임??
that's fast when you asked me for timing check not long ago...

nice song, congratz
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@BNs: can someone add the online tag k_i_a_i since he hitsounded my map?
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