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Kenichi the mightiest disciple opening be strong and yahhoo! please i would love those two songs
cleyey i need this cause there are no other good maps of it
I would like it because there are only 2 beatmaps of it and both are unavalible
I would like to play this one. This is one of my favorite songs.
Scarlet Evans
"peppy - Offset Wizard" have no audio =( I really liked to listen to it :cry:
I really want to play this beatmap as I love the music from this game and this is the only beatmap featuring this specific soundtrack:
I would love to have this one, there just isnt enough DNAngel and I really really want to play to one of my fav openings! ty!
Artist: DNAngel
Creator: Keanaza
I want Parappa 2 - Loading

this one please asap ><
evveses <- (is this how you do it?)

i didn't know about the whole no updating=graveyard thing (silly me) and now i need it again so i can update it again please.
this song is part of my childhood

old cute marathon i wanna see

This is the only music available to play and I love the music

peppy wrote:

Did you full submit?
Why can't i DM you? please lemme dm uuuuuuu
Please reanimate This
Thank You!
I love SOAD and Serj Tankian's music. And OSU!
- Anima -

peppy wrote:

Due to the huge number of abandoned beatmaps, graveyarded maps which have not been updated in a long period of time will no longer be downloadable. If you need one for a specific reason, please post in this thread.
I'd like to play this map!

where did you come from where did you go
A couple of years ago when i was younger i had the guitar hero 3 legends of rock game and for the past couple hours now ive been looking everywhere for all the songs that i liked from the game and well there was only one place i could find this song which was on the osu! beatmaps page but it had been unable to download... it would be great if i could get it to bring back childhood memories

- -

thank you very much
AxleCarp - Obama and McCain Lay Out Their Plans
The original video has been privated for quite a long time and this would be the only remains of its existence on the web. Thanks for your time.
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