Osu! Dynamic Duos No Limit Tournament [Registrations Closed]

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[ Scarlet Red ]
So, with Relay Wars coming to an end and learning from our mistakes as staff, we're trying to correct everything with a Doubles tournament, which I think could work. I wanted to get a very early start on this, so let's start with the rules.


1. Maximum players per team: 2 players, 1 sub (3 players total)
2. No rank limit
3. Cannot pick the same mod more than once in a row (team-based)
4. Free Mod, one person from each team MUST choose at least one mod.
5. Team name limit must be between 3 and 16 characters long (including spaces) [Game Name Purposes]
6. Don’t name your team anything that will be changed due to osu! filtering (like “Yaoi”)
7. Registration will end when 32 teams have been submitted
8. Due to last tournament having too many schedule changes, these schedule changes will be extremely strict. They most likely won’t happen unless there is a spot available.
9. If you are 10 minutes late to your match, you will give one point to the other team. If you are 20 minutes late to your match, you forfeit and lose automatically.
Tournament Information

1. Sequence: Group Stage > Round of 16 > Round of 8 > Quarter Finals > Semi Finals > Grand Finals
2. Group Stage will be played as a Double Elimination
3. Group Stage - Bo5 | Round of 16 / Round of 8 - Bo7 | Quarter Finals - Bo9 | Semi Finals - Bo11 | Grand FInals - Bo13
4. Grand Finals will be in a bracket reset format (if loser’s finalist wins the entire Bo13 match, then another match will be held the day after, but if winner’s finalist wins once they automatically win the tournament)
5. Standard mappool setup (6 NM | 3 HD | 3 HR | 3 DT | 3 FM | 1 TB)
6. Time slots will be UTC based (from 4 PM UTC to 10 PM UTC [16:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC])
7. Group Stage will be 4 - 4.5 star, you should be ready to play around that difficulty of map.
8. We will be using Score V1
Match Format

1. As soon as both teams are in the game, have both roll. Higher roll picks warmups first, and starts ban alternations, and picks first.
2. Whatever team rolls higher gets to pick the first warmup, then the other team gets to pick the second warmup.
3. Then the team that had rolled higher gets to ban first, then both teams alternate bans until both teams have banned out 2 maps.
4. After that, the original highest roll picks the first map, then teams start alternating picks until one is declared a winner.
5. Warmup maps cannot be any longer than 5 minutes.
Extra Information

Signup Form

1. Team Name
2. Players (Captains should be bolded)
3. Rank Range between all your players (like 1k - 40k etc)

We are really in need of anybody that would be willing to either ref, or stream/commentate. We're trying to build a bigger staff than before, and it'd be great if we could get quite a bit of commentators. Referees are also needed.

Expected tournament start date is mid-october
Team name: Theam (pronounced T-heam)
Players: Sparhten Ghamur
Rank range 40k-104k
Team name: plz-go-ez
Players: [Hope] ran ran ru Adrelandro
Rank range 4k-66k

Team name: PEPSIMAN
Players: Histoire Asterix- Cheryl
Rank range: 1k - 19k
1. Team Name: Lodreipw
2. Players (Captains should be bolded): <strong>Un4given</strong>, rolniczy, Silvver
3. Rank Range between all your players 63k-73k
1. Team Name: 2op
2. Players: Snajper, KacperDesu, OskaRRRitoS
3. Rank Range: 4k - 10k

Snajper wrote:

1. Team Name: 2op
2. Players: Snajper, KacperDesu, OskaRRRitoS
3. Rank Range: 4k - 10k
5K-10K but I get if it changes.
Team name: Creamy Nougat Everywhere
Players: Sexual Tentacle Squilly Legless
Rank range: 534 - 2.3k
Topic Starter
[ Scarlet Red ]

Sexual Tentacle wrote:

Team name: Creamy Nougat Everywhere
Players: Sexual Tentacle Squilly Legless
Rank range: 534 - 2.3k
Need to change your team name, we declare a limit on team names in our rules
Team name: XdFlHdHrDt
Players: -Lolisim- Butlergunner
Rank range: 2.5k - 5k
Team Name: uh oh
Players: rys -silhouette-
Rank Range: 13k-16k
1. Team Name: Enjoy the game
2. Players: [Burno-], Neab, vitoco09.
3. Rank Range: #575 - #10700
Team name: ViveLeFN
Players: Flaven filsdelama
Rank range: 7 - 164
Team name : Miyubex
Players : Barbex ; Miyurissan
Rank range : 1.8K - 11.8K
1. Team Name: CLG
2. Players (Captains should be bolded) TrueLucifer, Thodderson, and Rosilius
3. Rank Range between all your players (like 1k - 40k etc) 3k-80k
1. Team Name : ViveLePCF
2. Players Battquif ; Daynefufu
3. Rank Range between all your players : 1.4K - 30K
Team Name: Croissant Baguette
Players: Slendey, Rawrcrash, Hei-san
Rank range: 4k - 30k
Team name: MEYA!
Players: Moo_Goes_Cow, WoofGoesDog
Rank range: 45k - 95k
Team Name: IM CHOCKING!!!
Players: idke, Monko2k, legendcrazyman
Rank range: 150-450
Team Name: Ravages
Players: Fuma_zenkum, iammyself123, ShaneLiang
Rank range: 9,5k - 24k

Question, can we switch out players if we have all three players available?
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