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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
I'm thinking that adding a sort by distance between hitobject (jumps) and streams would be a huge improvement when it comes to finding jumpy and streamy beatmaps.

There's currently some beatmaps combining bunch of beatmaps into one but with the same category. Jumps and streams.
They can be found here:
http://osu.ppy.sh/s/25403 - Approved already
http://osu.ppy.sh/s/27023 - Love this one.

It takes the most amount of 1/4 beat as streams (more than 100BPM or so, because 1/4 under that isn't really streams..) and put it in the category like: http://puu.sh/1jt7 as very streamy beatmap.
And not so streamy beatmaps will have have the opposite effect.

When it comes to jump, osu calculates the distance and see's how far they are from each other. Just like the AiMod, the more percentage it need to be reduced by, the more jumpy it is.

I'm not all sure how this will all work. I hope you guys can add more information about it.
With these sort options, I think people will find new and hard beatmaps they haven't played before more easily. I sure would.

Please come up with suggestions and criticism for this feature request.
Maybe after osz2 once the web has easy access to the .osu parser.

mm201 wrote:

Maybe after osz2 once the web has easy access to the .osu parser.
Sounds exciting.

Difficulty rating should work together with this. We all know the current difficulty system is terrible and doesn't work too well. I believe we need more than 5 stars.
if only osu difficulty ratings were based off this idea.

in a perfect world.
Hm... This may cause heavy lags, because game will be processed all you beatmap collection.
Lag wouldn't be a problem. Any values that need a lot of calculation for sorting can be calculated in advance and stored, making the sorting as fast as any other sort.
Sure it will but only once, since the beatmap won't have any more changes. However, when you are working on one, it will have to calculate multiple times. Because of recent changes, etc. It will not be worse than the normal beatmap processing.

Imagine it like this:

It will calculate the distance between notes, the time between notes, and the more objects are together, the harder. Because stamina.
and a bunch of other things. Please contribute with ideas.
It will calculate the perfect difficulty setting and could possibly make a skill-score in the future.
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