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don't need these green lines
00:36:478 removed
00:36:840 removed
some unsnapped green lines
00:33:594 snapped
00:33:978 snapped
00:35:517 snapped
00:35:902 snapped

00:02:057 (1) - personally i'd start the volume real low (10%) so it doesn't overpower the music since hitsounds should complement the music fair enough, changed
00:18:595 (3) - you could probably touch up on this slider, the circle it creates is a little wonky at the start and the slider head touches the slider border which you can avoid. you can make really nice circles by following the shape of a 3 point circle slider removed slider head from body and made the circle better, thanks for advice c:
00:36:478 (1,2,3,1) - this is pretty misleading because the rhythm between 00:36:478 (1,2,3) - is the same while 00:36:765 (3,1) - has a longer rhythmic gap yet 00:36:717 (2,3,1) - is mapped to look like a triplet. perhaps you could move 00:36:717 (2,3) - closer to 00:36:478 (1) - to help players identify the rhythm. as an example done, i just hope people don't break on it now haha
00:48:596 (3) - whistle to be consistent with 00:47:057 (3) if you notice at 00:47:057 - there's an added piano sound which justifies having the whistle there, piano sound isn't apparent at 00:48:595 -
01:38:595 (1,1) - would probably play better to have this as one combo and having the nc on 01:39:364 (2) - instead. if you look back to beforehand, you mapped the same sounds with one combo 01:01:672 (1,2) true, changed
01:53:210 (4) - hm shouldn't this be a pink combo because its the same as 01:47:249 (2) hmm well they're different sounds so that's kinda why i made them gray but now that you mention it i changed to pink
02:05:903 (1) - you could add another reverse to this because the sound ends on 02:06:143 done
02:12:057 (1) - ^ done
02:18:210 (1) - ^ ends on 02:18:499 done
02:21:095 (3,1) - swap ncs here? the sv change is on 02:21:095 (3) done
02:20:807 (2,1) - also try make these two not overlap haha yeah i removed the overlap before getting to this point :p was probably an accident
02:58:210 (1) - why not end this at the blue tick? okie, i just hope that jump isn't too big
03:11:287 (2) - whistle? 03:05:133 (2) - 03:08:210 (2) - had them alright
03:16:287 (3) - and maybe whistle here too for consistency i actually just removed the first whistle on 03:14:750 (3) - since it's not very fitting
03:26:143 - quite strange to end the break this early. drag it back to how it originally would end true
04:28:595 (1) - remove whistle? other sliders like this didn't have them removed
05:01:672 (1,2) - probably space this out more so it doesn't stand out since they're quite close done
05:23:018 (1) - remove nc since you didn't have one on 05:26:095 (7) removed
05:36:672 (1,2) - these two aren't quite stacked fixed
05:37:249 (2,1) - ^ fixed
05:55:133 (1,2) - ^ fixed
u might want to check the rest of these stacks if it matters to you :p hopefully i didn't miss anything
00:12:441 - This section could do with subdued slidertick sounds, maybe 20% or so. Doing this can make it much more apparent that you're following the background fades.
00:21:672 (4) - The way this kinks behind its own curve feels rather unnatural. Just have the grey nodes be a straight line so that the linear node doesn't actually create a sharp turn, imo. not sure what you mean, i tried doing something but hopefully it's fine
00:36:717 (2,3) - Check on the snapping for these, 1/6 could be better. Also really counter-intuitive and heavily abuses the slider head leniency to be playable. I'm really not a fan of this. 95% sure the snapping is right, and as for the abuse part, the whole part of this map is to be unpredictable and switch between parts of disdortion to parts of calm melody, i think it adds to that theme pretty nicely despite being so called "abusive"
00:40:133 (2) - remove whistle so that it's more clearly following the background fade? sure
00:48:596 (3) - Missing whistle in this pattern? explained in pentori's mod, there's a piano sound in the first one that's louder than the second one
02:05:903 (1) - This sound actually ends at 02:06:191 - , non? I can understand if you're intending for the final hitsound to end at roughly the same time the noise does, though. Worth considering. extended it from pentori's mod, not so sure if it ends on the blue tick or not but i think putting on blue tick is a safer bet than a yellow
02:12:057 (1) - ^this happens several times
02:20:807 (2,1) - ewww they're touching yeah unintentional, fixed from pentori's mod
02:30:566 - Like it or not, the sound is here! I really don't know whether this kind of mapping decision is rankable or not as it technically counts as improper snapping. but considering the modern mapping meta and its obsession with making things as "easy and natural to play as possible", it's better to ignore the music here and leave this as-is. And no I'm not salty as shit. :Pdisagree, i listened to that part and i'm certain it starts here 02:30:518 - , i'm asumming what you hear is a bit of reverb/EQ which is not a part of the actual first impact this sound has
02:37:057 (1,2) - copy my spiral i think it looks much cooler the 2 might do better being stacked to the down-left rather than the "normal" down-right holy i didn't even know you did a spiral there to LOL, well i didn't copy it and i think stacking on the tail makes for a cleaner look so no change
02:38:018 (1) - There's a tiny portion of the bend at the end where the sliderborder is visible and it looks kind of weird. This also doesn't really blanket the previous slider al lthat well and can be improved whilst doing this. removed the hole thingy and hopefully improved the blanket
02:58:210 (1) - I personally disagree with the choice of having these buzz sliders end so early compared to the sounds they're representing. But eh... again reffering back to shifts of distortion from calm parts which was what i was going for in this section
03:02:057 (1,2,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1) - uh yeah uhhh this isn't your standard 1,2,3 trill setup. If you listen closely it's actually 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,3,1,2,1. It's weird. But that's what I did on my map, with the sliders. and stuff. yeah. I think. i agree but the taiko ish sound that plays at the same time is much more louder and emphasized than the piano, which explains the big spacing at 03:01:672 (1,2) -. not emphasizing that sound would be kinda weird so no change
03:04:749 - this section's got weird emphasis too blahhhh
03:55:134 (4) - i feel like this entire section was intended to be more 1,2,3,1,2,3 combos but you forgot to make them sets of 3 and then colorhaxing them all was a pain so you didn't do it because sure as fuck the alternating 123s are more emphasized than the other half but they're all 4,5,6s instead of new combos ok first off please don't assume things i did wrong because that's just rude and second of all, the timing of this part of the song is 6/4 and the ncs follow just that
04:36:287 (1) - this has a trill note so it should be full velocity slider, non? true
05:07:633 (4,1) - this one is especially massive and feels unfair to the player numerous testplays proved otherwise
all the kiai burst spam has to be against some sort of rule checked with BNs, they said it's okay
05:36:672 (1,2) - ending and kink aren't aligned, make sure they're on the same x,y position (ctrl+g 1, note the position, move 2's red node to that x,y spot, etc etc) done
heck this entire section has visibly mis-stacked sliderends/bends/etc. This really needs to be cleaned up... (that's why i generlaly avoid doing so on my own maps, shit's annoying to do constantly) pretty sure there were only 2 more that werent perfectly stacked, fixed both of them
05:39:749 (1) - there isn't actually a 1/4 noise here? Strangely unique note with no unique musical occurrence to match it with. The distortion is a bit harsher and scratch-y but not worth the kick imo, and it should be a 3/4 slider anyway. should have been 1/3, my bad. changed. (nathan confirmed it was 1/3)
06:03:595 (1,1) - see the short slider is at 86|90 while the kink is at 85|89 and that's only 1 pixel but its pretty visible (this one ok not so much but lots are more than one pixel)
05:59:749 (1,1) - these are both representing a single sound? i don't hear anything on the second one... i'm hearing 2, soo..
06:05:903 (1,2) - this is a repeat of that but there's no new combo on the second one? It's inconsistent, either way. actually now that i'm listening to it again they seem like different sounds so i mapped this one differently with fast SV
06:09:557 (1,1) - 2 pixels off and visible, etc etc yeah

Updated. Thank you for modding! Waiting on a response back from Pentori.

09:05 Pentori: 00:48:596 (3) - so with the whistle here
09:05 Xilver: and irc is fine with me
09:05 Pentori: you said theres a piano sound on 00:47:057 (3) - that merits the whistle
09:05 Pentori: but i hear the same piano sound on 00:48:596 (3) - :/
09:06 Xilver: hmm
09:06 Xilver: yeah i guess i can hear it too
09:06 Xilver: added whistle
09:08 Pentori: what are your thoughts on adding a slider tick?
09:08 Pentori: like shiirn mentioned
09:09 Xilver: you mean 20% lower
09:09 Xilver: ?
09:09 Pentori: um, you know how on sliders
09:09 Pentori: they have those white dots that click?
09:09 Xilver: yeah i know what you meant, shiirn said to reduce the slider tick volume by 20
09:09 Xilver: or so
09:09 Xilver: is that what you wanted me to consider :o
09:10 Pentori: oh i thought he meant add a slidertick hitsound
09:10 Pentori: nvm then
09:10 Xilver: is the default tick sound not fitting?
09:11 Pentori: most custom skins have muted slider ticks
09:11 Pentori: i was just considering that
09:11 Pentori: but yeah 20% hitsound vol could work well
09:12 Pentori: not too problematic so its up to you
09:13 Xilver: oh i think he meant reducing the slidertick file by 20%
09:13 Xilver: but i can do that
09:15 Xilver: alright, added a custom one reduced by 20%
09:15 Pentori: cool
09:15 Pentori: 00:36:478 (1,2,3,1) - this might be too hard
09:16 Xilver: haha, but you were the one suggesting it
09:16 Xilver: in your mod
09:16 Pentori: :<
09:16 Pentori: i know but
09:16 Pentori: i just realised its 210 bpm
09:16 Pentori: when i played it was like wtf
09:16 Xilver: i could stack them back
09:16 Xilver: :p
09:16 Pentori: no but if you stack
09:17 Pentori: it looks like a triplet
09:17 Pentori: with the same rhythmic gap between notes
09:17 Pentori: which it isnt
09:17 Pentori: so its better to use some kind of spacing
09:17 Xilver: hmm
09:17 Xilver: so what do you suggest :o
09:17 Pentori: i guess you could ctrl g 00:36:840 (1)
09:18 Pentori: but i suggest you testplay it
09:18 Pentori: and see how it feels
09:18 Xilver: ooh, how about putting the stack on 00:36:840 (1) - 's tail
09:18 Pentori: yeah that could work too
09:20 Xilver: actually how about this
09:20 Xilver: not too far, close enough to realize spacing difference
09:20 Pentori: yes that works too
09:20 Xilver: alright, going with that then
09:23 Pentori: 04:35:518 (2) - nc
09:23 Xilver: ah, missed probably
09:23 Xilver: done
09:24 Xilver: muh colorhaxing D:
09:24 Pentori: rip
09:25 Xilver: aaaaaaaaaa
09:25 Xilver: ok fine i can redo it up to the end
09:25 Xilver: give me a few minutes
09:26 Xilver: oh, never mind, apparently i only had to change 1 part
09:28 Pentori: alright, thats all from me. update and do any other changes you want to make if necessary and i can bubble
09:31 Xilver: ayy, awesome :D
09:32 Xilver: updated
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2016-09-24 20:26 Xilver: ;_;
2016-09-24 20:26 Xilver: i'm sorry
2016-09-24 20:26 Len: hello
2016-09-24 20:26 Len: im dling
2016-09-24 20:26 Xilver: helo
2016-09-24 20:26 Len: let me see
2016-09-24 20:27 Len: 00:36:717 (2,3) - seems a bit hard tho
2016-09-24 20:27 Len: change to 1/6 slider instead?
2016-09-24 20:27 Len: to catch it easier
2016-09-24 20:28 Xilver: hmm
2016-09-24 20:29 Len: 01:16:480 (1) -
2016-09-24 20:29 Xilver: okay, changed
2016-09-24 20:29 Len: i recommend
2016-09-24 20:30 Len: delete 2 reverses or
2016-09-24 20:30 Len: move it like this
2016-09-24 20:30 Xilver: removed 2 reverses
2016-09-24 20:30 Len: if u do
2016-09-24 20:31 Len: u should be fix it too 01:28:787 (1) -
2016-09-24 20:31 Xilver: yep
2016-09-24 20:31 Xilver: changed there too
2016-09-24 20:32 Len: 02:15:422 (4) - ?
2016-09-24 20:32 Len: for flow?
2016-09-24 20:33 Xilver: sure thing
2016-09-24 20:33 Xilver: changed
2016-09-24 20:33 Len: this song is rly long
2016-09-24 20:33 Len: pls
2016-09-24 20:34 Xilver: :(
2016-09-24 20:34 Xilver: but only 1 diff
2016-09-24 20:36 Len: 05:48:980 (3,1) - swap nc
2016-09-24 20:36 Len: for consistency
2016-09-24 20:36 Len: 05:59:941 (1) - i think no need to add nc here
2016-09-24 20:37 Len: 06:12:057 (1,2) - like this
2016-09-24 20:38 Xilver: fixed
2016-09-24 20:38 Len: 06:05:903 (1) - same
2016-09-24 20:38 Len: if u do nc stuffs
2016-09-24 20:38 Len: you should re-work combo color shit
2016-09-24 20:38 Len: xd
2016-09-24 20:38 Len: is it ok?
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: uh yeah hold on i'm still changing
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: 06:21:287 (1) - colorful is more fits imo
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: no gray
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: thats all
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: uuh
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: im gonna throw on thread
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: take ur time
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: for 06:21:287 (1) -
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: i used gray colors to emphasize the taiko sounds
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: so
2016-09-24 20:39 Xilver: :p
2016-09-24 20:39 Len: ok
2016-09-24 20:40 Xilver: but i fixed the ncs from before
hf and sorry for double post
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<3 Thanks so much Len! And thanks to everyone involved in modding this map.

With much luck getting past qualified c:
Asahina Momoko
Congratz :):):)

I don't know who allowed these 1/8 / 1/12 whatever sliders to be qualified like that

01:16:480 (1) - End at the next white tick, adjust spacing accordingly
01:16:720 (2) - Add a whistle
01:22:633 (1) - End at 01:22:794, adjust spacing accordingly
01:22:826 (1) - End at 01:22:970, add a 1/4 slider at 01:23:018
01:28:787 (1,2) - You know the drill
01:29:364 (1) - End at 01:29:524, adjust spacing accordingly
01:30:133 (1) - It should be a slider I think
02:00:133 (1) - After 2 minutes of "when will this map finally start" you serve me an unexpected streamjump. Such a dickmove.

As much as I don't like the first two minutes, the rest of the map is fucking amazing. Hypnotized by the last chorus.
Free Hong Kong
00:12:441 (1) - I love this
Topic Starter

Heya, sorry for not responding early

all of the kicksliders things you mentioned was me simply just buffering the sliders to make them easier to play, the glitches aren't exactly mapped to be rhythm game friendly so i tried to make them not be the reason you retry the first two minutes every time

01:16:720 (2) - Add a whistle eh, subjective. I think the impacting hit is much more asking of a whistle than the high pitched one.
01:30:133 (1) - It should be a slider I think it should? I really don't hear anything that could be mapped as a slider. I'd also prefer staying consistent between all parts and make them all notes in all 3 instances
02:00:133 (1) - After 2 minutes of "when will this map finally start" you serve me an unexpected streamjump. Such a dickmove. Haha, understandable. This was originally a triple kickslider pattern but mazzerin suggested a jump stream pattern, i thought it worked better so i went with it. Frankly I think the low bpm makes this stream jump more than playable even if it is so-called "unexpected" (There's a pretty regular buildup so most people would know there should be a stream after the 1/2 singles, soo..) and it also adds a lot more depth into the map which is something i wanted to go for.

As much as I don't like the first two minutes, the rest of the map is fucking amazing. Hypnotized by the last chorus. thank you!!

Also, thanks to all of your congratulations everyone! I appreciate it a lot c:
I find the buffered sliders actually improve gameplay, what i do have a problem with is the overuse of kiai flashes from 05:33:018 - onwards which actually distracts and strobes more than anything ):

The way shiirn had these set up was better for the eyes i think you should follow that
i believe xilver's interpretation of the kiai basis of the track is very different from mine - i specifically avoided using kiais most of the time, only using it for the very very last chorus, the modified second repetition of the second chorus, as i felt that was the crux of the entire track, and avoided kiais for the first chorus to help this emphasis

and in that chrous, i refresh the burst during the transitional downtime between measures, while he's specifically using kiai to emphasize the biggest distortions.

the spamming of bursts is something that's really overdone but might have been necessary to emphasize how much more impact the second choruses have compared to the first, and what he was trying to emphasize as being "kiai", that is to say, the major distortions alternating in intensity, versus mine, which takes the entire map into account and uses a more traditional "split chorus" interpretation.

...I guess what I'm trying to say here is that our uses of kiai are entirely different from eachother, in case anyone thinks kiai should be only an on/off switch. Mine is easier on the eyes, but it's not necessarily a better choice.
cherry blossoms explode across the dying horizon, not cherry blossoms flicker across the dying horizon.

kiai flashes are cool :D
I also like kiai bursts, but when they start affecting gameplay, it becomes a problem. It could also be hazardous if you don't have the warning on, just in case you didn't.
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