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Setup info:
-Setup consists of 2 Mafia Lovers and 4 Vanilla Townies
-This game is Nightless.
-No Lynch is allowed once. If a no lynch occured twice, everyone will die.

Mod: Navizel

1. fartownik
2. rEdo
3. -[Jess]-
4. metal sonic1
5. Frostings
6. Ace Timing

1. Zexion

Ace Timing
metal sonic1

Sample PMs

Town PM wrote:

Hello. You are a Vanilla Townie. Being single is amazing, isn't it?
You only have your opinion and your vote.
You win when the mafia couple has been eliminated.

Mafia PM wrote:

Hi. You are a Mafia Lover. Having a couple is not amazing, isn't it?
Since you have a partner, you two may communicate here.
You love each other so much if one of you die, the other one will commit suicide.
You win when you control 50% of the town.
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1. Do not delete or edit any of your posts.
2. Do not quote any PM from the moderator. Paraphrasing is fine but take caution when using it as well.
3. Do not discuss ongoing games.
4. Do not communicate outside of the thread unless your role allows you to do so.
5. Trashtalking are acceptable at a certain level. Homophobic slurs, racism, personal attacks and grudges, and the likes are not acceptable. Attack their playstyle, not their identity.
6. Moderator's color is blue. Do not use it. Any other color is fine.
7. Violating the rules above may either result to a force replace or a modkill though a warning might come first. It is best for you to not do them.
8. If you are unsure about something or if I made any mistakes, feel free to PM the moderator or state your case in the thread using the @mod with the bold tag.
9. Changes in the rules may happen. It will be announced in the thread if it did.
10. Lastly, have fun. Make mafia a beautiful place for everyone. You should play to win too.

Voting and Lynching
1. Votes should be stated in bold such as Vote: Navizel. The mod is deathproof though!
2. Unvote is not necessary to change your vote. That being said, it would help the moderator.
3. Votes not following the required format are not counted. Same goes with votes within quotes.
4. Acronyms and shortened names, e.g. Nav, are fine as long as they do not cause any confusion and are comprehensible. Otherwise, they will be ignored.
5. Alternatively, players can vote for a no lynch. Vote: No Lynch is how one should do it.
6. A lynch will happen if a player reached 50% + 1 votes. Only 50% of votes is needed for a no lynch to happen.
7. When a lynch has occured, the game enters twilight phase. During this time, players and the lynchee may continue posting until the moderator posts the lynch scene. No one may post after this.
8. Dead players may post a single post after their death. The post should not contain any game-related information.

Activity and Deadlines
1. Day time consists of 5 days (120 hours).
2. During the day, a player will get a prod if the player has not posted for 24 hours. Players may request a prod if another player has not posted for 24 hours.
3. If a player has been prodded 3 times, they will be force replaced or will be modkilled.
4. Players may request V/LA if they are going to be gone for 24 hours or more. V/LA should not be longer than 3 days. Consider finding for a replacement if that is the case.
5. During the night, any player with night actions may submit and change their night actions as many times as necessary. The latest action will be accepted. Not submitting any night action will result in a No Action.
6. Deadlines may be extended depending on the circumstances. Deadline may be given upon request.
This could be fun

/invite your lefthand and righthand to join!
metal sonic1
Ace Timing
/in pls no scum again
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sending pms
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PMs have been sent. Game will start after 4/6 confirms
Ace Timing
Story of my life confirmed
metal sonic1

Vote: Ace Timing

He didn't want to roll scum, and applying Murphy's Law, I'm sure he did.
But the game hasn't started yet has it

Navizel wrote:

Game will start after 4/6 confirms[/b][/color]
I'm the sixth to confirm aren't I?

rEdo wrote:

Navizel wrote:

Game will start after 4/6 confirms
I'm the sixth to confirm aren't I?
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