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I guess there's no topic related since I used the search engine and what it showed me is "no matches found" so yeah. Share out the music applications you use to browse for music or get music files.

For me, I use Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube for music browsing, seldom use Shazam to get song identifications, and extract .mp3 files from Youtube or search for free downloads, since I don't have money to support original music lolz
Youtube, Spotify, AIMP, Bandcamp. Where I download music is a secret.
I listen to music on Clementine, Spotify (using a plugin for Clementine, because I hate Spotify) and YouTube.

I don't download music anymore, but I did use iTunes back in the days. I usually buy cds and rip them to the computer
offline user here, because don't have good internet for streaming :/
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