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Lasse wrote:

00:13:656 - why is this suddenly csgo, awp sample seems a bit too much tbh that's not the only occasion i used it, and you only mentioned this one so it seems to work well lol

nice tags
capitalization of song title looks weird will ask alacat about this
bg.jpg is >1920x1200
soft-hitclap222.wav is obviously unused

bit sad none of the extra diffs utilizes how in the 00:29:739 (1) - 00:30:357 (1) - part song alternates between having that pretty noticeable blue tick sound (00:30:435 - ) and not having it

00:17:368 (3,4,5,6,7) - compared to the stream difficulty the jumps here actually feel a bit underwhelming when intensity is still quite high, would be nice to increase them a bit, even your jumps that are less pronounced in the song like 00:15:821 (9,1) - are bigger repositioned 6. the pressure is still stronger though because more 1/2 jump taps
also nc on 00:18:296 - would be great since the songs kinda stops between 00:17:986 (7,8) - screws up my whole colorhax lol. i don't think it's that obligatory
00:23:553 (1,2,3) - 50% still sounds a bit loud here imo, would go with ~40 and use 50 on the triple
. but the letters are cute lol. maybe consider using higher sv for the ones with emphasizes blue ticks so you can keep them similar but use a rhythm like to show the noticeable difference in the song while still mainly focusing vocals? i'd rather keep it as it is now, letters are set for vocals as does my rhythm choice in this case, don't really wanna dilute this by folowing drums extra.
01:30:357 (1,1) - similar here ^ and for the sake of consistency, no change
00:34:146 (6) - might be nice to undermap this since it feels like it takes away all the emphasis from 00:34:069 - which stands out so much through song/hs
00:39:327 (1,1) - looks like something right between broken stack and manual stack so idk if intentional did sth different
02:36:814 - 02:39:017 (5,1) -etc. why suddenly 1/8, this is basically just forcing missed sliderends since people will mistake it for 1/4 like all the others, even more so in a rather low intensity part.
02:41:801 (1,1,1,1,1,1,1) - could at least use some additive hitsounding on the earlier ones to make it feels more fitting cause it seems pretty lol to play without maybe if i can come up with sth that doesn't feel overadditive
02:59:430 (4,1) - transition here becomes so weird, it makes sense with what the 1-1-1 spam follows, but mapping 02:59:430 (4,1) - with a sliderend would work better I think I really like the stop-and-go movement right after the stream here, it fits the song really well imo and i don't think the movement is that unnatural. Slider would make the transition too smooth, i wanted a more rough one that makes the difference more distinct.
03:39:945 - poor cat getting shot :c hello peta

00:41:801 (5,1,2) - becomes so broken since autostack moves the slider
02:59:430 (1,1) - same 1/2 slider suggestion as top diff same explanation
03:05:821 (2,3,4) - bit harsh to suddenly click 2/3 since slider before ignores them not too much i think, backslider should give players enough time to react to the rhythm change since it's clear in the track
03:21:698 (5,6,1) - movement here is so much harder than before due to huge spacing change + straight line don't think it's too horrible to play, and makes for a nice ending movement

03:05:925 (4) - might be nice to just remove since music is not very intense and most emphasis is on the 1/3 tick before


aa thanks again lasse, will update when i got reply from the other nyabs

Lasse wrote:

01:05:615 (1,2) - 02:06:234 (1,2) - would be so nice if this utilized the song emphasizing red ticks I feel that sliders fit nicer here because I wanted a lower object density to reflect how this part is calmer (absence of background percussion) compared to the beginning of the chorus
02:15:203 - don't get the why the break is snapped to blue tick editor shenanigans lol
02:59:430 (1,2) - would fit the pattern much better if it was a manual stack/overlapped instead of autostack, like ok_hand
03:05:822 (2,3) - lower spacing pls since, even if passive, the gap is way smaller in the snapping is already unusual, no need to throw people off I think this is fine since it's quite intuitive with the two triangle patterns before it. Players would likely be expecting another 1/3 triangle and I don't think the extra time that you hold the slider for is significant enough to cause players to break most of the time (the momentum is also nice $$$)
thanks lad ! very gucci

me diff
fixed all (except hitsounds, that's pho's decision)
i kept spacing at 03:04:069 (5,6,7,8) - because i think those screams need 1.0x


fixed all in my diff, Thank you Lasse

すーぱーぬこになりたい(Super nuko ni naritai)



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all updooted! some additional things i did:
  1. adjusted artist metadata
  2. fixed hitsounds in collab + volumes
  3. deleted a circle in easy where it was too dense and an overlap
only mentioned the sample once cause it was more about having a general issue with it
after listening to everything again I think the real issue is the quality of it, as it's extremely low, making it sound rather unfitting, even with shooting sounds being in the song
could maybe try

everything else looks fine to me now
Pho could you swap the NC on these two objects in my diff 01:24:327 (1,2) - thanks :)
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okay, done! i changed the hitsound and the artist romanization after confirmation with KwaN too
00:03:760 (1) - what happened lol
00:06:234 (1) - 00:08:708 (1) - ^

Nao Tomori
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thanks nyabbers

gratz :)
Deleted everything that started from this point onward.

Seeing the problem is with the settings and meta of mapping it has nothing to do with this specific map, hence why you should take this to places where this sort of discussion is done (hint: Development or General Discussion)

If you wanna start some "relevant" discussion feel free to do so, but make sure it is meant to improve the map and it's pertinent with it, not the mapping meta.
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