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Hi,i need some help

Boleh nanya nih,kalo beli supporter di Indonesia gimana yah?
Aku udah sempat coba beli pakai BCA,terus malah menuju ke INDOMOG,aku beli supporter untuk 1 bulan,katanya selesai transfer nominal lgsg terkirim di INDOMOG.

Tapi pas aku cek INDOMOG kok gk ada opsi untuk beli supporter tag ya?

Bantuannya dong :)

English version

May I ask something,how do you buy a supporter tag in Indonesia?
I've tried to buy it using BCA(Indonesian Credit Card) and the payment goes to INDOMOG(Indonesian Game voucher shop).I bought a 1 month supporter tag,and it said that after finished transfer it,the nominal will be sended to INDOMOG

But when i tried to find supporter tag in the shop,it's not there.

Any help?
Got Supporter
Moved to the appropriate location.

Edit: We have discussed in #help that we don't handle supporter-related issues here.
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