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I guess you can say it's a music version of mal/hummingbird/whichever-you're-using-for-anime-lists
It's a place where you can rate albums/singles/EPs you've heard in a 5-star rating where 5 is the highest and 0.5/5 is the lowest (where's the 0/5). Oh and you can rate movies too. You can also write a review, make a list about something, discover new albums/artists, and much more.

Does anyone else even use it? If anyone does, post yours

been updating mine recently. used not to
I use it to find prominent releases in a certain genre I want to explore though, or finding releases in a genre from a specific country, the charts feature is quite useful. Don't have an account though because I find the idea of rating music to be quite pointless and pretentious.

Would prefer if the only "rating system" was a choice between "positive reaction, neutral, or negative", and any other feelings towards a release were to be expressed purely through reviews, but most of the userbase there are massive twats who use said feature as a personal blog to write their dumb life stories with a useless, opinionated statement on how "this album is the tits/it's absolute garbage" tacked on at the end, so that wouldn't work out. Seriously, I've been using that site for probably more than a year and not once have I seen a single decent review.
Here's mine.
I created my user yesterday, so I'm still trying to figure out how things work and how to create lists
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