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Jounzan wrote:

00:36:348 (1) - clap please
00:40:462 (1) - 00:40:977 (1) - 00:41:834 (1) - 00:42:520 (1) -
dibbity dab, everything fixed

Nozhomi wrote:

ketchup tastes awful. someone stop the evil russians from putting ketchup on pasta please

  1. 00:01:205 - / 00:06:691 - Whistle fixed
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this section 00:11:662 - feels a bit empty for hitsounds, especially for the Insane. Minimum would be a whistle at 00:12:348 - and 00:15:091 - .
mmm actually I believe feeling empty is the key, since it gets "filled" in the more upbeat section at 00:17:148 - so I'd leave it like this

last diff :
  1. 00:31:120 (4,1) - the jumpstream don't make much sense to the music since music continue to do a down pitch, and that's why 00:31:462 (4,1) - this one work. So for 00:30:862 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - just do is as a continuous stream.
  2. 01:11:491 (5) - / 01:12:862 (5) - / 01:14:234 (5) - / 01:15:605 (5) - they would benefit from having a NC for the spacing change.

fixed everything!

insane :
  1. Considering the nature of the diff and all it offer as gameplay (huge streams, stacked pattern, etc...), using a higher AR would be better here, like smth between 8.5 and 9 (I would use 9 but you probably won't). 8.5 shall be it then
  2. 00:19:891 (2) - NC should be here and not 00:19:548 (1) - done
  3. 01:01:548 (2,3) - This gap feels really too small compared to other on that section, expecially when it's supposed to be like 01:00:177 (2,3) - since they cover the same sound.fixed!
  4. 01:44:234 (1,2) - I wish you could make that more cute.excuse me nani

hyper :
  1. 00:20:234 - Missing Normal sampleset.
  2. 00:33:434 (3) - I don't think it should be stacked, sounds wrong as transition sound.

added the missing sampleset and unstacked the stacked
fixed everything
standard :
  1. First huge problem on that diff, don't do stack for 1/2 and 1/1 rhythm, it will just make new player be more confused when to click or not based on what they saw before
  2. 00:08:920 (3,1) - sad you didn't stack them like all other before.
  3. 00:29:491 (1) - Seems that NC is too much if we follow your logic here.
  4. 00:40:120 (2,1) - That's probably the only stack I would disaprove on that diff, due to the reverse under it. I would make this slider alone to have a clear reading on it and not having the change of a missread or anything, since it's supposed to be the lowest diff of the set.
  5. Also I'm not sure than 00:39:091 (1,1) - are that great for the lowest diff, fast reverses are hard to predict for a newbie and I don't think that what we should see on the low diff of that set.
  6. 01:24:348 (2,1) - blanket hi

fixed everything, now stacks are only for 1/2s

Pop for now due to Standard diff about these stacks and reverse sliders issues. Tho the set is clean so I would be glad to nominate it again after these issues are resolved. So call me back when it's done.

24 shades of ketchup
more like you didn't wait 24 hours lol
Hi, this map was nominated 15 minutes before the 24 hour mark was up, so I believe it's objectively unrankable.
Oh well.

my apologies, time zones aren't my best things
it deserves a kick...
(jk btw)
Not like I reminded felys about the exact time this could be nominated yesterday lo
Natteke desu
poor sanya
00:20:234 (1) - Top diff: Dunno if this was supposed to be an extra NC or not.
Requested DQ to fix the NC.
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missplaced newcombos are my worse fear, fixed
It is done.
Congratz my tesoro <3
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-kevincela- wrote:

Congratz my tesoro <3
grazie carissimo 🥕
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