Maple Cup 2016 [Score V2]

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Welcome to the 2nd Year of Maple Cup! This is a 32 player tournament exclusive to osu!Standard Canadian Players.

Congratulations to Azer for winning Maple Cup 2016!

1st Place: Azer
2nd Place: Kaifin
3rd Place: Kyle

This tournament will factor heavily for the Canadian OWC team for 2016 - Azer

Final Registration/Seeding: August 27th @ 23:59
Group Stage: September 3rd-4th
Finals: October 8th-9th



These are subject to change before the tournament starts.

  1. The tournament will consist of 1v1 matches.
  2. Each match, your multiplayer room will consist of one referee.
  3. You can choose any map pertaining to the round itself.
  4. You cannot choose a map that has already been picked.
  5. Match scheduling will be heavily regulated by the tournament staff.
  6. Failure to show up at the agreed time will result in a loss. Players have 10 minutes mercy to appear for their match.
  7. Subsequent failures to show up for matches will result in disqualification.
  8. Selection of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each player can only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during match. This means that each player can pick 1 HardRock, 1 Hidden and 1 DoubleTime map during the match.
  9. Tiebreaker maps will NOT allow free mod.
  10. Respect the tournament staff, your fellow competitors, and yourselves enough to put forth your absolute best effort.
  11. Previous top 3 winners of Maple Cup 2015 are allowed the top 3 seeds
  12. If a player D/C's within the first portion (Ref's Decision) of a map he is allowed a rematch as long as the reason is valid (osu! Crash, PC, etc.)
  1. Round-robin bo5 matches
  2. Default seeding based on Performance Points (PP)
  3. 8 groups of 4 players
  4. Overall ties are settled by Games Won (GW) - Games Lost (GL)
  5. Bottom two players from each group is eliminated
  1. Double Elimination
  2. A player that loses in the Upper Bracket drops to the Lower Bracket
  3. A player that loses in the Lower Bracket is eliminated
  4. Upper & Lower Bracket Finalists compete in the Grand Finals
  5. Semi-finals are bo9
  6. Finals are bo11

Referee Guide

  1. Create the room with the appropriate Match title.
  2. Save the link to the multiplayer history.
  3. Set the match to Team Vs mode.
  4. Remain host during all map picks (excluding warmups if necessary) and use the multiplayer chat to take each player's requests.
  5. Do not skip the intro and do not participate in the match.
  6. Screenshot (Shift+F12) the results of each match.
  7. Create a post containing the match title, history, and screenshots afterwards.


  1. Organizers: MiruHong & [Toy]
  2. Referees: MiruHong, MapTT, [Toy], Toke, No One, Mentai
  3. Streamers: MiruHong, Evrien
  4. Map Selectors: Monstrata, ktgster, & Kibbleru


  1. First Prize: 5 months supporter + Badge + $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card courtesy of MiruHong
  2. Second Prize: 3 months supporter
  3. Third Prize:1 month supporter

Seeking staff to aid in tournament, please pm MiruHong if interested.
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Schedule & Bracket


Azer #1
Xenbo #23
Bowlglet #12
Identical #3
Dunois #6
Stoof #10
Kyle #14
Ignite #17
Ciao #18
[ BJ ] #19
Toukai #21
Principe #26
Quanteck #27
TrickMirror #28
Kaifin #29
pattrick #30
Ralyks #32
ArKeda #39
Kipley #43
ChronoNig #44
Kirakishou #45
Falling Snow #52
Callum #54
Legless #55
- [ U z z I ] - #56
Glinky #58
HaruHong #60
Girl #61
Bzer #70
Jakesoly #80
Wuffles #89
Refreshed #93
Sexual Tentacle #99
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Space Chicken #112
gulp #126
Daoski #168
gco #172

helo I am kaifin

pls sign me up for this too thank u miru
oh hello there
ayy sign me u- oh wait i'm not canadian
scorev1 or v2 btw
im secretly canadian and also secretly good at the game pls sign me up
Sign me up boiii
sign moi up
I would like to play. Girl #1,609 - Available 1pm - 4pm saturday and 3pm - 4pm sunday. (No guarantees tho)
I would like to play. Identical #116 - Available Noon-10pm saturday+sunday EST. (This might change once I get my work schedule.)
#203 pst anytime weekends
Suh my dude, i am registering myself, Ignition (rank: really big), to this tournament establishment.
UTC - 4
Sunday afternoon is not optimal for me
sign me up fam ty frienderoo

2-4pm, 12-3am PST
pattrik - rank 765 - free 9 am to 11pm PST on saturdays and 4pm to 11pm PST on sundays

sign me up : D
sign me up for some hard wooden objects ;)

Quanteck #609
available from 12 to 22 pm Eastern time on saturdays and sundays
Hi bae!
I can make time to play whenever but preferably no later than 9

Thanks wub u <3
_-*.~ Sign ~ me ~ up ~.*-_

i can do 2pm-6pm, 10pm-12am EST :D
edit: im rank 1135 or something ;)
edit2: for groups stage ill only be available 6pm - 11pm PST (not EST)
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