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Current Priority: +0
This is a bit hard, but also easy to explain at the same time.

osu! supporters get the privilege of downloading maps in-game, with this, we can see whether or not the map we're trying to download is added to our local map list or not, with it telling us that we have it, and prompting us with a Yes/No question on whether we want to download it again or not.

My idea comes from this, but is for the web.

Using a databasing method, or some other method, allowing users to be shown which map they've got added to their map list or not. It is simply, for example, just like the method for checking whether or not we've played the map on the beatmap listing. Instead, with ranked/approved maps, it would simply just place an *Already Downloaded* text next to the song. (Or something like that)

I've already downloaded beatmap pack #330, but have a look at this:

Now, I know I've downloaded that, but I wouldn't know that if I didn't remember. I have packs prior to pack #100, but am unsure about which ones. I know this is a bit difficult to understand, but the whole idea is to save users time, and load on any sort of server that's being used. (Mediafire, osu! servers, etc.)

I for one, only have a 25gb limit, and saving bandwidth is a priority coming this time of the month, so I want to cut down on the useless downloads which I already have.

In a sense, here's a pseudo version of how I'm trying to portray the idea:
If beatmap=true osu!
then true=account write "*Already Downloaded*"
end if beatmap=false osu!
See what I'm trying to do? (I don't code, can't code, and probably never will code, so cut me some slack.)

This is not an urgent matter, nor is it a NEEDED one, but it certainly would be nice to see this, as I would then know what maps I actually have rather than going on a guess because I'm stupid and don't back up 75% of the maps I download.
I think it would be possible for the website to identify which maps you've downloaded at least once, but i dont know if that would cause more trouble on the server side, as for locally, well why would the website want to scan your computer to check which maps you have inside your osu! folder? i think it's rather simple for you to just do an in-game search for said song in your song list, you can always "view listnings" from in-game anyways to compare that it's the same map, probably more trouble for you, but if bandwidth is that important for you then i suggest you do this.

No support.
It shouldn't cause too much server lag if it simply kept track of which maps had already been downloaded as part of your account info. A number referencing each pack that had been downloaded would take a trivial number of bytes even if all possible beatmaps were downloaded. In other words, have a list keep track of which beatmaps had been downloaded, and everytime a new beatmap is installed add the beatmap reference number to that list.

I think such a system could replace the played/unplayed search filter for people who aren't supporters- based on my understanding, the played/unplayed filter takes up more bandwidth to process since that information is stored locally while download information does not need to be.

Support, if I hadn't used up my stars already.
Actually the (Played/Unplayed) info is based off which maps you have passed and submitted score to the site afaik
The site can't really tell what you've downloaded, afaik. It can only tell what you've played, as that information is submitted to the site.
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