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Hi nerds.

I got a crapton of spare keys and copies of games I don't want/already have so I'll be raffling them away here.
I'll do a couple of games every other day until I run out.

The requirements to enter are
  • ◘ You've been a member for 4+ years. Sorry newfags. Not really sorry though.*
    ◘ 500 postcount.*

    * I can make exceptions to new/alt accounts or whatever.
    ◘ You're not an asshat.
    ◘ Whatever other daily requirement I come up with

First three up are steam keys for
  • 1. DiRT Showdown
    2. The Talos Principle
    3. Unholy Heights

And todays entry requirement is
  • Depict or alter this dog with a medium of your choosing (Potatoshop, crayons and paper, MS Paint or whatever).
    You don't have to put effort in, flip it upside down or put a rainbow gradient over it doesn't matter as long as it hasn't been done already.
    Start your post with which game you're entering for followed by your submission.
    If you've got something to say then put it after your entry.

    Example wrote:

    1. Life Is Strange™ - Episode 1

    woof woof

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