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Problem Details:
lightingN will not appear when hitting a mania note, however lightingL remains unaffected when hitting a long note. I have not tested if this problem occurs for non-animated lightingNs.

Use a skin with an (animated) lightingN.
Play mania.
Hit notes and observe.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20160801.2cuttingedge
Yes I'm also having this problem after the osu update, when I'm playing I don't see LightingN :(
I downgraded to the current beta and the issue is there too.
This is also a problem for me as well, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. Since changing to Beta doesn't do anything, I feel like it might be the version of skin that we might have but, I doubt it.
also experiencing this issue :s, went onto experimental branch and there's no fix yet
I actually looked into it, sorta, by just going through the three builds. It seems Cutting Edge and Beta have the issue, while Stable does not. Though Stable does have a few bugs to be fixed in the first place. Also, skin version doesn't matter, so it seems to be a client thing.
Before the update, there was random lightningN appearing for misses and this has been fixed in an update for beta/CE, but this actually removed all lightningN as I can see, I'm also affected
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This is now fixed in the latest patch. Requesting resolved status...
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