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I'm kinda new to osu!
Really fun game but after 4 days of enjoying I got my first issue.. Which I'll start it by a question..does the score you achieve Offline gets added to your profile later when you connect Online ?~
Like, I played this round Offline ( Kuba Oms - My love : Normal Nightcore/Sudden death ... not good Ik but thats what I can do atm ) And managed to pull a perfect game... and later when I re-connected I noticed it didnt add the points and it didnt update me in the global ranking .. so ??
If you have any questions related to osu! Don't post in a non-osu! related subforum. Thank you
If you were completely offline while submitting the score, it won't submit. However, if you disconnect while playing and then reconnect, there is a chance it could submit. It will attempt to submit for 2 hours. If you restart the client while being offline, it won't submit at all. If you were logged out, there is no chance of submission.

General Discussion is for non osu! related conversation. Please watch where you're posting next time.
Ooops.. Sorry!
Will do next time..
Thanks all..
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