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How obvious it was that only I can answer that... Anyway...
Finding a hint to the reason(s, because it's like a chemical reaction) is quite hard...
I can say that I discovered Esperanto way much too later than I should(?) have ("something" happened before I knew about the former).

EDIT: With second thoughts, from a normal perspective, people would rather have mixed feelings about what I've seen (and strongly enjoyed).
DJ Enetro
I honestly think that I regret not learning beginning to learn languages earlier than about now, don't you think?
Je ne pense pas avoir compris ce que tu veux dire... J'en suis pas sûr.
(I don't think I'm understanding what you're saying... I'm not sure about <doing so>/<it>.)
Cette portion me dérange (This part sounds weird to me):

DJ Enetro wrote:

I regret not learning beginning to [...].
k then, i exploited the usage of internet language to make this sentence, but fuck it. im still confused on how i dropped 10k rank on my osu!profile in almost all my gamemodes, save standard..
DJ Enetro

45Traeath, I did a strike on my last post, maybe you'll understand.

as for kere, probably because many people prefer clicking circles above mashing their keyboard. idek really
Man, i like clicking circles, but screw jumps lol
No, no...... Wait, that looks like a wrong direction, let me finish.
I do think so as well...
Unless I just can't figure out more mechanics - else than grammar itself - to help me learn some... *coughs* I can't even speak my parents' because there's only grammar and more useless wordings than there should be even in any other language
It's just that it feels weird to me when you get to discover such a "rare" language, with the same concept and purpose as and after what I've seen somewhere else.
I think I misunderstood how to use "mixed feelings" and "weird".
Okay then, this thread is still going I guess?

Probably, as long as its here xD
Quality isn't needed, let's just keep going on.
Right, we should just play the game.
DJ Enetro
Sucking at something is subjective.
Try this: By the end of this video, your head should be gone. It should be asleep, hopefully. So I'm going to be weird and strange. I need you, genuinely. Question, question, question, question, question, question. I don't care. You can crush your head. That is one of my best friend's D. Here's the thing about D. You just, there's-- you just need a D. I mean, literally die. That was the coolest thing ever.
DJ Enetro
Uh, no. just no.
Very reluctant aren't you
DJ Enetro
Well, I do not want to die, literally or metaphorically.

Even if i did want to die metaphorically, it's not a good idea to joke about death
X is a noun written as a cross-shaped symbol used to mark over annoying faces
DJ Enetro
You can also see that it’s most likely done by Jigglypuffs.
Zzzzzzz.... sorry i am sleeping because this is boring... don't mind me... zzzzzzzzzz
As expected, my shitpost copypasta session has been successful.

Here's the original video.

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